Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

Dear Sister McCloskey,

You are hereby called to serve in the MTC West Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for the rest of your life. 

That's about how it feels going in to week eight here in the MTC. I feel like Atlantis could have resurfaced during the time I have been here. But guess what! Only a week and a half left! SEOUL I'M COMIN FOR YA. We got a reality check this week though when our teacher had us listen to ten minutes of straight Korean. We strained our ears picking out words and grammar phrases here and there and when it ended, all I could say was, "Guys, we're going to be in Korea in two weeks." We all laughed nervous little laughs as we realized how very hard this language is and how hard it is going to be for us when we get there. The worst part is that when we went back through the recording a little slower, we realized that we knew all the vocab she used, we just couldn't understand it! I feel like the language should be getting easier, but it seems to be getting harder. Bah!

Good news is that I bore my testimony in Korean on Sunday and in our Branch Presidency meeting, President Perriton (the coolest, most intimidating Korean speaking Australian man you will ever meet) was talking about the Gift of Tongues and he said, "Then Sister McCloskey gets up and bears her testimony in letter perfect Korean. That is the Gift of Tongues." So that was pretty cool to hear!

I really have been so blessed with my time here in the MTC. My district is made up of six of the best young men you will ever meet. Seriously. They are like brothers to me and I know I'm going to miss all of them. We have been blessed to be going to the same mission though which will be awesome. Then there's the Korean branch and all the awesome sisters in our hall. We have all become such good friends and it's so cool to think that we're all a part of God's work. And our teachers! I can't forget our teachers. I honestly believe that I have the two best teachers in the whole MTC (not that I am biased or anything). I have learned so much from them and owe them everything! And, of course, there's my sweet companion. She rocks. 

I was so excited to hear about Marcus's call. That's so awesome! I'm so excited for you Marcus. On a sadder note, I know some of you have heard, but the missionary who was hit in Sweden was a friend of many of my friends. I didn't know him well, only through a few classes at Provo High, but many of my friends did and I hope you'll keep his family and friends in your prayers. Such a sad thing...

That's about all I got for ya folks! Oh! Wait. I went to the temple again this morning, easily the best part of my week, and I ran into (figuratively speaking) Miles' mom Kelly in the dressing room. We embraced, she cried, we talked and it was wonderful. I love her so. And then we ate in the cafeteria (a brake from the long-since-lost-it's-appeal MTC cafeteria food) and the little polynesian lady in front of us paid for my and my companion's meal. What a sweetheart. I just really love people. Love them. And I can't wait to bring them to Christ. 

I love this gospel and I love my Savior and I'm so happy to be where I am. Even if it means missing the sunsets and sitting in a classroom all day. I love it. 

And I love all of you!

So much.

Your sister 

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