Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm alive.
My companion's great. 
The food is pretty good, I guess.
So, yeah.

Sister McCloskey

Alright, alright fine, I'll elaborate. I have officially survived my first week here in the 'ol trainin cenna and it really has been so great. The MTC really is such a holy place and everyday I have had an experience, a sort of spiritual recharge, that has helped immensely. 

On the first day, after checking into my room, I went to my classroom. I was the first one there and my teacher, Sister Baek, only spoke to me in Korean. I was mortified. I thought that all the other missionaries would come in completely fluent in Korean and that I was going to be way behind. I realized that I was very wrong in that assumption as each member of my district came in and stared at her with the same blank face. I have to admit that the first day was a little rough. I tried really hard to concentrate during the teaching experiences, but it was all very overwhelming.
Day two, three, and on have all been really great though and I truly love it here. My companion, Sister Collinwood, is a doll. Seriously. She has the funnest personality and she keeps me laughing all day. We push each other to eat well, exercise and speak Korean as much as we can. I really feel so blessed and so lucky to have scored such an awesome companion as my first one. 

As for my district, they are hilarious. There are eight of us, six Elders (still getting used to saying that instead of "guys"), my companion, and I. It kinda feels like Lord of the Rings sometimes, like we are the Fellowship. 
Frodo (me): "I will take it! I will take the gospel to Korea!"
(Dramatic pause as Gandalf (Sister Baek) looks at me with sorrow and respect)
Samwise (my companion): "Don't you think you're going anywhere without me, Sister McCloskey."
Aragorn (Elder Christiansen): "You have my testimony."
Legolas (Elder Fisher): "And my height."
Gimli (Elder Bean): "And my Axe" (like the cologne, sillies, weapons aren't allowed in the MTC)
Boromir (Elder Jolley): "You carry the fate of South Korea, little one."
and we can't forget about these two:
Merry (Elder Miller) and Pippin (Elder Woodall): "Where are we going?"

Pretty much sums up the district. I really love them all so much already and I'm so grateful for them. Elder Bean, our district leader, is one of the coolest people I have met out here. He is so funny, and an amazing storyteller, and he has the strongest testimony and incredible leadership skills. 

As for the language... For some reason growing up I had this conception that the language would come easy to missionaries and that they would know it within weeks. Well folks, I that was one very big misconception. It is a really great life lesson though because when we have a righteous desire, the Lord will help us achieve it as long as we work hard and do our part. The language is HARD, but we are working hard everyday and we have learned so much in one week it is amazing. I can say a pretty specific prayer already and I've gotten pretty good at reading. We've also already taught four lessons to an investigator! Cool. I wish I could type in Korean, but we don't use romanization, so it would not make much sense.

I got to see mom twice, and had a pretty cool reunion with Easton yesterday. I've also seen so many other people I know! I've counted thirteen already, form BYU and EFY and PHS and the CIA... Wait what? It's been really fun though. We also got to hear two really great devotionals from Gerald Clausse of the 70 and Sheri Dew which were very cool and my companion and I sang with the choir! Yep.

Thanks for all the love, family and friends. I've already received so many awesome letters. Also, Dear Elder is better than mint brownies out here and it's totally free! So spread the word. I send you all my love and gratitude for yours. I seriously have the best family and friends in the world and I thank Heavenly Father every night for it.

Sister McCloskey

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