Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 12, 2015 - Starts with an "h" and kinda rhymes with "stupidity"

It's been a year and a half and there's been plenty of blood and tears... and now for the SWEAT.


Thanks to thirsty little Provo, that is a word that didn't mean much to me growing up.

Let's just say you'd best bring your oatmeal and bran cause I'm going to shrivel into a raisin the moment my feet hit that rocky Utah ground.

But before I do, I've still got plenty to do and plenty to be grateful for! I mean just look at that sunset! I have been saying gratitude prayers lately and just been overwhelmed at how blessed I have been. Remember how sleepovers at Grandma's house used to be more terrifying than that scene in War of the Worlds where all the people are trying to get in to their car? Well, it may sound silly, but I consider the fact that I've made it a year and a half without you guys a total miracle. 

And then there was the whole walking up to the podium to give talks in primary which felt something like what I imagine Frodo felt when he went to face Shelob in her den. ALL BY HIMSELF. And now I can do that. We had zone training this week and I, along with our zone leaders, gave a training to the zone. Not that we're challenging MLK Jr. or anything, but we did it.

And then there's the fact that, aside from a few little colds here and there, I have been quite healthy this whole mission (please take a moment and knock on some wood for me won't ya. I'll wait) 


This week we had Mission Leadership Council with the new president, which was great (except that we all got a good laugh as I stood up to report about our zone and completely forgot how to speak english), zone training, which went relatively bump free, exchanges with Sister Olsen, which was lovely, and we managed to pic up four new investigators! We even had time to help a little pregnant lady carry a watermelon and she ended up giving us her number. Woo!. Mina and Elizabeth and our Chinese investigators and Sister Kim are all doing great too. 

So uh, yeah. Keep yourselves hydrated and have the best week. (especially good old Jen Jen with her birthday!) 

Love you, as always.

Sister McCloskey

P.S. Here's a sunset and our zone :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 5, 2015 - That'll beat fireworks anyday.

We're eating with all the Korean sisters (and me- practically one of them by now) going home today for pday so this'll be a short one. Short, but sweet.

Like Dad!


Well I guess you could say this was perhaps the best fourth of July I may have ever spent. Which we all know is saying something. Just look at those pictures of Michelle and I decked out in RWB. Not sure there are two teenagers with more patriotic spirit than we had. 

I even had a white "U.S.A." swimsuit for goodness sake. I don't think George Washington ever owned one of those, now did he.


This year there was no dressing from head to toe in every red, white or blue piece of clothing or accessory we could find in the house, no sleeping out on the parade route, no cakes smothered in white frosting decorated to look like the American flag, no floats shaped like Winnie the Pooh, no belting the National Anthem at the top of our lungs, no spending time with the family... and not one single firework.

"Well gee Rach. Didn't you say it was the best one yet? Sounds pretty lame if you ask me."
I could almost hear Jessie's voice as I typed that.  

No decking out in all red, white, and blue, but I did (unintentionally) don a red skirt and white shirt.

No sleeping out on the parade route, but falling asleep beaming at the full moon outside after hanging up a long awaited phone call (and many a prayer) from our Mongolian investigator Mina saying she would be at the baptism.

No cakes smothered in frosting, but a whole lot of baking banana bread and cookies. Baking is not something they do in Korea (hardly anyone here even owns an oven) so that was an adventure with my two Korean companions. :)

No floats shaped like Winnie The Pooh, but I did manage to whip out and frame an oil pastel as a gift. 

No belting the National Anthem, but singing a choral version of "He Sent His Son" with the Elders.

No spending time with the family, but the ward members showed up to show their love and Mina was able to be there too (an answer to many a prayer). 

Nope, no fireworks. But yes, Sister Kim got baptized. :) 

And the Spirit at that baptismal service was just as strong as any boom of a firework I've felt. Everything went wonderfully (though it did take three dunks.. hah.) and she is just the best. We couldn't be happier for her or more excited to take on the whole enduring to the end thing together. 

We also got to meet our lovely new President and  Sister Sonksen in a mission conference on the 4th (they are wonderful), and continue meeting with Elizabeth (who reminds me so much of you mom) and our Chinese investigators. The three of us couldn't be happier (especially now that we have toilet paper). 

I wish you all the best of the best and love hearing all your summer adventures each week. I hope you can feel my love from these many miles away cause I know I can feel yours. 


Sister McCloskey
Sister Kim's baptism. (The guy on the left served with Josh Crowther in the Daejon mission. Cool huh?)

The beauties (Sister Ju and Sister Kim)
Here is just an idea of how much we laugh together.