Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

(In the voice of Sutherland, better known as: Jack Bauer)
This episode takes place between March 24th and March 31st.

You're probably excited to read this one cause you think it's going to be like an episode of 24, but outside of getting kidnapped, this week was pretty low-key.

I'm only falling deeper in love with this city and these people. I stick out like a sore thumb (though I never really did understand that phrase) which is great. And my companion says it's because there are two foreigners, but everyone is so so nice to us. Seriously, if you need validation, go up to a little Korean lady and tell her her scarf is beautiful and she will stroke your arm and tell you over and over how beautiful you are and how well you speak Korean. They just make you feel so good about yourself!
Except when they feed you way more than you dreamed could fit in your stomach.
Hah. Seriously, I'm going to be so fat. I know you probably just "Psh, very funny Rachel"-ed that last sentence, but if you went to a meal at a member's house with me, you would understand. The table is full of food and they expect you to eat all of it! At least everything is incredibly delicious. My golly goodness Koreans know how to cook. We've also taken to cooking some Korean meals at home which is fun along with making frequent stops at the dumpling shack across the street.
Buuuut that's enough about food for now.
Don't think I wasn't going to talk about being kidnapped. I was getting there! Long story short, there are these SGI (some religious organization for women) ladies who hunt down sister missionaries. We don't know why because we have clearly told them we are not interested and what our purpose is. They are not scary or anything, they are just very persistent. We agreed to meet with them for thirty minutes which turned into a twenty five minute taxi ride (both my companion and I were considering jumping out the whole time). Well we ended up very far from home (still in our area) and had to find our way home on the subway. Turned out one of the ladies was using the other as a pawn to get us to meet with her and she denied everything. So... yeah! Don't worry though. We're alive.
... Thanks in large part to my awesome companion, Sister McGill, who told that lady exactly what she needed to hear! She is wonderful. She's from Portland and she's super down to Earth and we work so so well together. She pushes me with the language too and helped me pass-off lesson 1 after 8 days (which she waited to tell me afterward that most missionaries don't pass-off for months! Sneaky) and makes me do a lot of the talking when we visit people. The language is still sooo hard and I hardly understand anything anyone says. I just smile and nod.. and then wait for my companion to rescue me. It's a lot of fun to learn though and such a beautiful language. We also get to teach English class for service which is a lot of fun.
We live in a quaint little apartment on the third floor with two other wonderful (American) sisters. The other night we had a little 가적의밤 (family night) and Sister Young shared a little something from "Our Heritage". I don't remember the exact quote, but it said something like, "I will never regret the price I paid to get better acquainted with God." And I loved that. I love what we get to do as missionaries. I love representing Jesus Christ and I love talking to people on the street about how much I love this gospel. I hope you're all as excited as I am for General Conference this week! Watch it in your pj's for me, okay?
Love you all to bits! 


P.S. Don't worry dad, I floss, take my vitamins and remember who I am everyday. 
P.P.S. Mom, our little apartment is heated through the floors. You would LOVE it. Also, I just used a heated toilet seat. Totally made me think of you. Not in a wierd way. 

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