Monday, March 31, 2014

March 23, 2014

Holy schobolie boppinbopply
As soon as I finished writing that I just started grinning super big. And I really don't know what else to write.
That's a lie. I am overflowing with things to write I just don't know where to start!
Um um um... Okay.
So our last few days at the MTC were great. We had a little pass down ceremony where I got to hand down the horrendous silky-pink-flowy-neck-blouse-thing that I wore to class one day to a Sister in the district below us. And we took a bajillion goodbye pictures at the temple and such.
But I know I know, you don't want to read about the MTC, you want to read about Korea! Patience young padowan.
The plane flight was awesome. There were almost thirty of us flying together (going to the Seoul and Seoul South missions) and we made quite the sight on both flights. Right? (Hah.) Both were wonderful. I sat next to a pilot named Earl on the flight to Dallas and we talked the whole time. He was the nicest old man! And while we were talking, I looked out the window and the sunrise was SO PRETTY (don't worry. I've got a picture) and I showed him. We talked about how much we love them and then he said, "Makes you wonder where we came from doesn't it?". I grinned. That launched us into a very deep conversation and I was able to tell him everything we believed. He was geniunely interested especially when he mentioned his daughter (who he said I remeinded him of) who died not long ago from a sudden heart thing. Gosh. He was wonderful. Had I had an English BOM with me I would have given it to him, but I left him with a card and a smile.
The missionary work begins! The next flight was equally as great and I finally got to eat some spicy Korean food! The food. Hoooooly guacamole. Only they don't really eat guacamole (Brandon and Chase could use that phrase). So, uh, holy... Kimchi?
Then we landed and were greeted with smiling missionaries and mission president and wife with open arms. We took the subway and they gave us each a 몰 몬 경 (BOM) and ten pass- along cards and off we went! It was scary, but so fun. Really. We then ate dinner at a little restaurant where everyone takes off their shoes and sits on the floor and eats a little bit of everything. Seriously. The food. I'm been converted to the chopstick/spicy/dumpling/ramen/kimchi/meat/sharing food way of life.
We spent our first night in the dormatory at the temple which was awesome. The view was incredible. It was pretty smoggy when we got here so at night the lights make the city glow different colors. It's pretty darn cool. The first few days are honestly kind of a blur. But we had some training and then did some 전더 (jundo-street contacting) in this big square in the middle of the city. We talked to some really great people and one lady gave us an apple and a Korean book because we gave her a Book of Mormon! We also talked to a man from Morrocco who was so nice and geniunely interested in what we were doing. We went to this cool underground museum thing then ate at a Korean buffet (all-you-can-eat-of-every-food-that-you-love-including-sushi).
The next day I met my trainer. I love her. Jenna my cous! If you read my letters, I need to tell you that my trainer, Sister McGill, is your old roomate BG's sister! I love her so much. She is amazing at Korean and just has the most perfect personality. We had the quintessential "greenie" experience lugging all the suitcases on the subways but it was fun.

We are in an area called 길음 (gireum) and it's beautiful. Seriously, get on Google Maps and go explore it! Maybe someday Google Maps will have a "smell" feature because that's what you really need to experience. Every two steps there is a new smell. And they're all so different and so good! The weather has been perfect too. We sleep on yo's which are mats on the floor and there are four of us sisters in our cute little apartment.
I honestly wish I could tell you everything about everything. But I have to tell you that I gave the baptismal covenant to our investigator last week! She's getting baptized in two weeks which is so exciting. We do a LOT of street contacting so I'm getting better at that. I've been asked if I would rather date or marry a Korean man, how many years I have been in Korea, and why I am on a mission and not married. Hah. Oh boy.
Sorry this is terribly long. I have too much to say. 
I am loving it here and I love what we do. I think it's so cool that I get to have the name of Chirst pinned to my coat everyday and such an incredible message to share. Also, if you have time after reading this novel of an email, go read 1 Kings 17 (I hope that's the right one). I read it last night and loved it.

I love you all SO MUCH and I hope you know that you are always in my prayers.
All my love and more, 
Sister Meecurawskee? (They have the hardest time with my name. Haha)

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