Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

This Is It. Just like that Micheal Jackson movie that came out a little while ago... Only I'm not preparing for my final concert tour, I'm going to Seoul to represent Jesus Christ. Sorry MJ, I think I win. 

This week has been so so fun. I seriously love my district, branch and companion and will miss them muchly. BUT I couldn't be more excited to finally get to Seoul. We've all been getting pretty excited so we've been trying hard to focus, but we're still working hard and having fun. We have been playing four square with the whole branch at gym which is a blast. And the other day while we were on a break from class, we figured out that standing about two feet from the wall, with your back against it, holding out a note, and then falling backwards, makes THE funniest noise. I really could not stop laughing and I definitely recommend it to all of you. I've also been attempting to speak Korean in all different accents which is too funny. I especially enjoy Irish and Spanish. Hah. 

I also celebrated my half birthday (woo!) with an awesome package from Hannah Miller. She deserves a shout out in this letter so I'll just say YOU ROCK. (I ate one of the mangoes in the shower and it was easily the highlight of my week).

Yesterday we practiced street contacting again this and it is so fun. We have to think quick and talk fast. I really am so excited to do it in Korea and I really am just going to try to talk with everyone. Even though I can barely speak their language!

Uh... Yeah. So that's essentially it from this week. I've been working on drawings for all my district, so there will be pictures of those to come. I was sorry to hear about Bliss Hansen. She was the sweetest lady and I learned so much with her. I bet she got the biggest hug when she got to heaven. I hope the rest of you are doing well! Thank you for your love and letters and support. I love you all and I hope you know how much the Lord loves you too. Muah!

And I suppose I'll finish with a silly poem I wrote the other night as my journal entry that pretty much sums up all my thoughts as of late, so I thought I might as well share it with you! It's nothing special so if you're looking for some true poetic words, you're talking to the wrong Sister McCloskey!

These are my last days 
Here in the MTC.
I'm getting quite restless,
As you can see.

Seoul is calling my name
With it's kimchi and crowd,
It's even got it's own temple
For the endowed.

I'm excited to in Korean
conversation engage
and to preach the Lord's gospel,
for Him, set the stage.

As they say in the scriptures,
the field in Korea is white,
and I'm ready to labor 
with all my heart, mind and might.

So thank you, MTC, 
for preparing me well.
I've grown so much spiritually
I can already tell.

I pray that the Lord
Be with me as I go
And help the people of Korea,
Christ's gospel, to know.


The Sister who goes to Korea in FOUR DAYS.

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