Monday, June 22, 2015

May 31, 2015 - Let me tell you a tale

Let me tell you a tale 
like those of old 
that begins at the beginning
and needs to be told.

It began at dawn
a break from the mundane
as we arrived a bit early
and boarded the train.

The train was quite empty 
not a person in view
so we pulled out our scriptures
and began to review.

An lady approached
looking old and quite tired
and of the books in our hands
whence they came she inquired.

"It's God's word" we replied
and began to explain
and the Spirit, it seemed, 
just could not refrain. 

We set up an appointment
to meet her the next week
whereby we could share with her
the great knowledge she did seek.

You'd think this little lady 
is the hero of this story
but in fact she's not!
I'll get there, don't worry.

So we met her and her friend
in a new little town
new people to find
new streets to walk down.

To make this long story short
and to keep my little audience awake
I'll spare you the details 
and less time I will take.

It turned out that neither
the old lady nor her friend
were interested in our message
or in the words we did send.

But because of those two 
and their invitation to talk
we found ourselves on a road
never before did we walk.

And it was on that road
that we happened upon four men
Sri Lankans, you know,
are greeted by Ahayoobowan.

We met them again
and the gospel we did teach
and now four months later
eternal life is within reach.

Two of those men are in fact
the heroes of this tale
and for others to follow
they are forging a new trail.

Yes, you got it, my friends,
they are taking the first of many steps
to come unto Christ 
and be lifted from the depths. 

Because of these two, 
six more have been found in this land
and more in their hometown
have begun to seek for God's hand. 

I, too, can't help but feel 
that He is here and He knows
each one of His children
and in their hearts seeds He sows.

Heavenly Father is there
and guess what, His plan's true
so take a look around 
and you'll find He's right beside you.

There she goes again. This is when I get to spit out all the English I have bottled up inside me during the week, so I apologize. :) But pretty darn cool story, eh? We really see so many cool little miracles everyday and are keeping very, very busy. And are very, very happy. Mina came to church yesterday which was the answer to many a prayer and fast. We have a new Sri Lankan investigator! And are still meeting with our other Mongolians and Chinese. It's really hot. I was given a "Jesus Fish" necklace by a lady I talked to on the street. We had a combined Seoul and Seoul South mission conference where I got to see some old friends. Sister Ju and Sister Lee keep me laughing everyday. It's really hot. Wait, did I mention that already? Yes, but did I mention the fact that I'm really quite happy? Ah, yes, it appears I've done that too. Guess that's my cue.

Love you!

Signed... sealed... delivered,
Stevie Wonder

Did I say Stevie Wonder? Oh, I'm sorry... Sister McCloskey :)

P.S. Us at mission conference and a whole lot of peace signs (with Ehneh our mongolian investigator featured on the right!)

Tschau tschau!
Mission conference
A cool view from our church

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