Monday, June 22, 2015

June 14, 2015 - No subject

Hey kids. You know when you walk in to a bathroom just after someone showered and as soon as you open the door a wall of steam smacks you in the face?

Well that's kinda what it's like walking out the door everyday. So much for showering, right? Might as well pull a Chris Kreuzberger and "Save Water Shower Together". 


Okay not really. 

This week was wierd, kinda like the wall of steam, but only in the best way. We had exchanges again which kept us busy and we've met some really cool people on the street and engaged in some really really cool street lessons. It's been hard to meet with Mina because of her crazy work schedule, but we met this week and she still has this huge desire and love for the gospel. And Shinee and Ganaa came to church yesterday! Which was so great. One of our mongolian members, who is the nicest, translated for them through sacrament and gospel principles so it was really cool to watch.

We also had the biggest miracle of all, a new investigator who has taken the lessons in Australia and just moved here for a few months. Sister Kim! She's twenty and the coolest ever and not only came to church with us yesterday, but loved it. We're planning on giving her a date this week so we're pretty pumped. 

Pumped. Haven't said that in while.

We had a pretty exciting episode that began late Thursday night when we had to take Sister Lee to the hospital. She was having stomach problems and collapsed/ threw up several times. Long story short, she recovered and we were all SO grateful to have been in a threesome. I was able to talk in english with President to figure out what to do and Sister Ju was able to figure out everything at the hospital. Seriously if there had only been two of us... 

Yeah, we don't want to think about that. :)

So much to be grateful for this week and so many little laughs and miracles. I've been reading "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" lately too which is a great read. Seriously I'd put it up there with The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Screwtape Letters, Kite Runner and my 8th grade Algebra textbook. Okay I didn't like math THAT much, but you get the idea. 

I love you all and feel your love every week through your emails. 

You are all my heroes.

Sister McCloskey

 P.S. Here's a sunset and blurry rainy Seoul. Love you guys.

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