Monday, June 22, 2015

June 7, 2015 - Nuts

Sister Sieverts and her family
So I left my planner (SINNER, I know. I'll repent.) at the apartment so this'll be short. But maybe that's just Heavenly Father telling me it's time to stop putting it off and just sign up for my classes already... Sigh. Fine, I'll do it.

But first. :)

This week was nuts. Almonds, pistachios, pecans... gang's all here! We had MLC on Tuesday again where we got training from President and the APs which was super great. I had a mini exchange with Sister's Bell and Olsen (both so awesome) and then Zone Training on Wednesday! We are STLs over two zones so we had to split and I gave the training in another zone. It turned out to be really cool bearing my testimony in front of a bunch of missionaries I had served with in the MTC and other areas. Needless to say we were totally wiped out, but the week kept moving. 

This week we picked up the coolest thirty something year old Mongolian couple this side of the Mississippi (Geography was never my forte, but if I remember right there's quite a substantial amount of earth between the Mississippi and Korea... so that's saying something) as investigators! Shinee (such a beautiful smile) and Ganaa (looks like a Mongolian version of the bad guy in Italian Job... in a really good way, of course!). They have been to church several times and love it. They are very busy with work and Ganaa is struggling to overcome a long smoking addiction, but we're so excited to be meeting with them.

You know who else I was excited to meet this week? Yeah, I think you do. SISTER SIEVERTS and family popped on over to Korea and we went to dinner and just had the best time with them. That day was one of those days I wish I was famous and had the paparazzi there to catch every moment.

(This is one of those times when common sense comes in whispers, "careful what you wish for, rach")

I take that back, I don't want to be famous... but you get the idea. 

After our tummies and hearts were full we bid adieu and boarded the subway. I wanted to share that same love I felt from Sister Sieverts with every single person on that subway and it was then we saw a miracle. The very last person, a high school student, I talked to with only a few stops left, had talked to missionaries before and I was able to get her number right before hopping off at our stop. That night I flipped through our area book and happened upon a very familiar name.. Turns out she was a former investigator who's name and information had gotten lost... and we found her. :) How cool is that?

Okay, and last but not least. Remember Uditha and Sisera (our Sri Lankan investigators)? Well, not only did they stop smoking, share the gospel with their family and friends... But they got baptized on Sunday. :)

Now, how. cool. is. that. 

Love you all so so much.
Sister McCloskey

P.S. Moonlight and the package. Thank you so much!

I wasn't able to go to the baptism (as it was on Sunday), but here's a pic. :) WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Easton on his mission in Paris using the chalk that you gave him.

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