Monday, June 22, 2015

June 21, 2015 - Take me out to the ballgame

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks... Cause I don't care if I ever go back. GUYS I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY.  
Really. Nine innings never was enough, was it?

This week was amazing. 

Tuesday: Temple day. Beautiful day. P-day. Art gallery hopping with the comps. Sister Kim. Accepted baptismal date. Couldn't be more excited.

Let's just say this fourth of July is gonna be the best one yet. :)

Wednesday: New investigator! Elizabeth (english name). Super nice. Really great lesson. EXCHANGES. Sister Wijetunge and I reunited. Never let go of each other's hands. Man on the train gave us a huge box of chicken. We gave him a Book of Mormon. Visit with Imma and all my favorite english class members.  So happy. 

Thursday: Paratas. Miracles. Lunch with Tanya (the Russian member). Visit Chad (the less-active) and Ji Hye and their newly born twin babies. Talked with the nicest people on the street, taxi and train. Book of Mormons. Return appointments. SRI LANKANS. The happiest visit in the countryside with our recent converts, Uditha and Sisera, and five other of the Sri Lankan investigators. Ice cream by the lake. Sri Lankan rice and curry with our fingers. So much food. So many laughs. A beautiful lesson about coming to Christ. The best part about it was getting to see Sisera and Uditha and the change that has occurred in them since that first time we met them on the street. That change... is a modern day miracle. A man on the way home who had met missionaries. Wants to meet them again but hasn't been able to find them since he got back to Seoul. Exchanged numbers. Miracle. 

Friday: Goodbye Conference for President and Sister Christensen. Bittersweet. Interview with President. Maybe a tear or two. Bittersweet. Weekly planning. Lesson. Exchanges with Sister Bryan!

Saturday: Thunder storm. Caught in the rain. Lesson with a Christian and her Buddhist son at a cafe. He asked so many questions. Answered them with the message of the restoration.  
"Do you believe man can find perfect happiness?" 
"Well, how?"
Almost instinctively I opened to 2 Nephi 31:20-21, which I had shared just that morning with Sister Bryan. 
"This is how. Jesus Christ is the way." 
I don't know if he felt the Spirit as I bore my testimony, but I sure did. 
"Yeah, okay. So what do I do?" 
"Just keep reading" 
His eyes paused on 2 Nephi 32:3. 
Long pause. 
"Can I have this book?"

"No. It's mine."
Hah. Just kidding. Yes, we gave it to him and planned to meet the next week. I love missionary work.  

Reunited with Sister Lee and Sister Ju. Finally home. Transfer calls. Stayin together. SO relieved. Can't wait for this next transfer. And couldn't be happier to be here one more. 

Sunday: Stake Conference. Sister Kim came to church with us, sang in the choir with us, and went to an adult meeting with President and Sister Christensen. She's awesome. We were exhausted. 


LOVE you guys and I root root root for the home team everyday :)


Sister McCloskey

P.S. Here's two from P-day! The three some and an art gallery. :)
On exchanges with Sister Wijethunge- reunited.
My last photo with the lovely Sister Christensen

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