Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 24, 2015 - Bird Poop

Have you ever had a bird poop on your head?
Yeah. Me neither.
But my companion has. Heh.
This week was too good.
We had a few days in a row jam packed with miracle after miracle. It's like watching Dad after a trip to Costco thinking there's no way he could fit that last bag of dried mangos in and he does it again! Heavenly Father just kept the miracles coming where we thought there was for sure no more room. Not only was a prayer answered and two former investigators returned from their sudden departure to the land of the Mongolians, but we found two long lost less actives, Mina accepted her baptismal date and brought her friend along to meet us, and we found two new investigators! Both are university students and both (I bet you can guess) are foreigners! Sister Wang is from China and we've gotta start from step one with her, but she's great. Then there's Ehneh from Mongolia who has a little religious background and speaks very little Korean, but yes, is great.
But yes, bird poop did fall from the sky and Sunday was like the blue to the rest of the week's orange. We had several appointments cancel and potential investigators drop as well as some pretty hard rejections on the street. You know that feeling you get when you rip off an old bandaid and it leaves a little shock and stinging tears in your eyes? Yeah. That's kinda what that feels like.
Thankfully I'm so lucky to have two of the best this nation's got to offer by my side to keep the sun shining. (Speaking of weather, it's beautiful these days). We're working everyday to be better missionaries and learn how to work better together. And even though a bird pooped on my companion's head, and maybe we got rejected once or twice on the street, we are learning to just love every moment, give the best we have, and rely on the Lord to do the rest. Missionary work is hard, but in the words of that one girl in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, it's surprisingly... Upbeat! (jen better get that reference).
Also I may as well just print out the emails I got this week and send them to D.C. to be glass boxed and propped next to the Declaration so everyone can feel the same love I felt reading them.
... And then I'll pull a Nicholas Cage and steal em all back and keep them all for myself. Wahah. Love you guys!
Sister Meck.
P.S. If you guys haven't seen "The True Story of Todd Sylvester" I would recommend you drop everything (except the computer that's on your lap... or the Ander that's on your lap... those are pretty irreplacable) and go watch it.
P.P.S. Selfie.

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