Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10, 2015 -ㅋㅋㅋ

We all knew the response to Dad's "Guess what I made for dinner!" now didn't we. It's been over a year, but... some things just don't change now do they. :)
I might as well place my order now cause you're probably pretty backed up, huh Dad? I'll take a Mac and Cheese (made with only the most raw unprocessed of velveeta cheeses, of course) and two pigs in a blanket. I'll even pay you in advance... do you take won? :)
Thanks for all the laughs, guys. I love my family. I could have practically opened our window and shouted it at all the little people on the street. But they just wouldn't get it. So I suppose I'll spare my vocal chords and just use this little keyboard to try and convey to you how very much I love you.
There were so many moments while we were talking where I didn't even know what to say when you guys were talking. All these little Korean phrases kept jumping in my head in response to what you were saying, but I had to stop myself and think really hard about what an alternative would be in english, and sometimes there just wasn't one. 어쩔수없어요. :)
So you heard the news, but for anyone else who cares I will be staying in Dongdaemun and my new companion is 주혜연 (Sister Jue, yes, Korean!) and we are sister training leaders over two zones now. Woo! And as if that won't keep us busy enough... We're getting a greenie. Yup. We're training together! It's gonna be wild. But I'm so excited. Like I said, I was hoping for a Korean companion or to train.. Was that prayer answered or what?
In other news I just literally got off the phone with Mina who we will be meeting here in a bit and she is bringing her other Mongolian friend! She is so great. And when we gave her a tour of the church and explained all the meetings, she was glowing when we showed her the baptismal font. She's so excited to be baptized and it's the cutest thing.
We had another Zone Training this week and we trained the zone on Keeping the Sabbath day holy. I realized more than I ever have what a huge blessing the Sabbath is. Heavenly Father literally commands us, "thou shalt rest". (see somewhere in Exodus). Is that not the best commandment or what? You know full well how much I love missionary work, so I don't need to mention that. But one of the coolest things about it is the opportunity to set aside worldly worries and cares and just focus on strengthening ours and others relationships with God and Jesus Christ. And when I got to thinking about it, we have that same opportunity every seven days! We don't know what the next seven days will bring, but we know it will bring the Sabbath. What a cool thing.
Another cool thing? We found two new Chinese new investigators this week! I forgot to mention that, but we met one (Yang Yang) on the street and set up a return appointment with her and she ended up bringing her friend (Sooee). Both are super cool and have so much potential and curiosity about how to find God.
So, yeah, I'm having a ball here. Like one of those one's in Pride and Prejudice. Or maybe more like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...?
Wouldn't that be somethin.
Have a great week, okay? And don't worry. I'll teach you guys how to say I love you when I get back. :)
But for know you're just gonna have to learn on your own!
사랑해요!! :)
Sister McCloskey
P.S. Here's a sunday school sketch and my cute companion at a palace we explored on P-day. Love you! Muuuuuuuuuuuah!
Sunday School sketch
My companion at a palace on P-day

Yes, that is cotton candy and spicy octopus on a stick
Yes, that is an old lady flashing me a heart.
Yes... This is Korea.

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