Monday, May 18, 2015

May 17, 2015 - I'll take two, please!

So funny story. I bought some socks last week, the small kind you wear with flats, and the first day I wore a new pair, a big hole was rubbed in the bottom. I let it go happily singing, "there's a hole there's a hole there's a hole in the bottom of my sock". It took me three days and three more pairs of socks to notice that there was not only a hole in the bottom of every sock in the same place, but a big black spot on the bottom of my hole. It was then that I realized that my plan to sue, or whatever they do in Korea, the sock manufacturer would not be justified as it was not the manufacturer's flaw, but there was, in fact a hole...
.. in the bottom of my shoe.
Oh missionary work.
That's what I get for spending my childhood barefoot, hm?
Thankfully that's the only hole I've discovered lately and there's no need to worry. In fact the hole Sister Jeon left me with after finishing her mission this week ㅜㅜ was quickly filled by not one, but two companions. Both of which call this beautiful land home. Koreans! Yes, your assumption of my loss of english speaking ability is correct. And no, I don't want to play scrabble.
It's been one heck of a week that's felt more like a few months, but I can already tell this transfer is gonna be a blast. We're adjusting pretty quick to the whole threesome thing, as it is for all of us a first, and make quite the team. I seriously love them both so so much and am learning so much from them everyday. It often takes a while to figure out why you are put together with certain companions, but I can already see why I was put with these two. And I thanks Heavenly Father for sending them my way everyday.
This is not to say it has been a San Diego oceanside breeze Helping Sister Ju adjust to being a new STL and Sister Lee to being a new missionary, along with supporting the two zones of missionaries, and taking over a zone where the sisters closed, but it's helped me to understand the importance of relying on the Lord for our daily bread. I honestly don't think any of us would be able to do this without him.
In other fun news, Sister Jeon and I spent our last pday together at one of my favorite spots in Seoul and had the fondest of farewells. I love her and learned SO much from her and couldn't be happier we got to be companions for the short time we were together. Last transfer flew. And then all the missionaries got to go to a BYU symphony show traveling through Korea which was great.
And last, but certainly not least, our investigators! We met with Yang Yang (Chinese) and had the best lesson about prayer and God. We taught her to pray and shared testimony and experiences and it was so powerful with the three of us there backing each other's words up. And Mina in doing great and working toward being baptized next month on the 14th!
Sheester Meck.
P.S. Mom, don't stress. I've got another pair of shoes. :)
P.P.S. The new comps and I at the symphony and the district on pday! Love you!

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