Monday, April 6, 2015

April 5, 2015 -Well hello there, Seoul! It's been a while, hm?

Chase, remember that first hotel we stayed in in New York with the wall of windows looking out over the city and the floor to ceiling mirror that was placed so oddly right in front of the toilet? Well, picture that, but bigger and without the oddly placed mirror, and you've got my house. 16th floor! Looking over Seoul and this park where the old folk gather in the morning to do Korean style zumba (no, not gangnam style... though that would be pretty funny). SO cool. And my companion, 전부해 자매님 (what.. you can read that? sigh.) Sister Jeon Boo Hae is the coolest. We speak non stop Korean which is so fun and go running on this river trail every morning. She's SUCH a good missionary with one of those cute scrunch your nose smiles that everyone loves.
With twelve lessons Wednesday to Sunday, we were super busy and ended every day totally wiped out. Wa wa wa wa WIPE OUT. No, we don't use roller blades when we street contact and thankfully our sleeping pads are more comfortable than the Classic Skating floor, but you get the idea.
And you won't need to fight over the maraschino cherry on the top of this sundae cause I've got plenty to go around.
We had a great last few days in ChunCheon including a service project in the mountains on Tuesday and one last parata/  curry dinner with Sister Wi. It was a sad depart, but I know I'll be back someday and... we already practically planned my trip to Sri Lanka.. :)
Wednesday, after meeting my new companion and ooing and aweing for a bit at our home, we met this 20 year old Chinese girl on the street, invited her to the church, showed her around, met her again on Saturday, taught her about God and Jesus Christ, she prayed for the first time in her life... for 10 MINUTES, invited her to church, she came to church on Sunday, stayed all the hours and for the baptismal service after, and agreed to meet again. What the heck. So cool right? 김수련 (Kim Soo Ryeon) is her name.
And Sunday we were fasting for a former investigator who has some home troubles and she ended up coming to church and telling us she was not only fasting, but wants to be baptized on April 19th. What the heck. So cool, right?
It's fun being back in Seoul and seeing new things everyday. It's still pretty brisk weather, but there are cherry blossoms and cats everywhere. And so many foreigners! Bowing has officially become a part of me now, like a reflex, and I bow at everyone, Korean or not. So wierd, but I can't control it! What can I say, I am my father's daughter (that's you, Lightning Reflex Rick). :) We currently have six Chinese investigators and three Mongolians. All speak pretty great Korean though which is good.
I'm happy.
And tired.
But more happy than tired.
Love you!
Sister McCloskey

P.S. My new view in the rain and the service project in the mountains... In the rain! Woo!

The magnolia trees that are everywhere
A goodbye to Sister W, caught by another elder


  1. Love hearing about her adventures! She sounds like she is doing wonderful! Send her love from the Rife's. 💛💙💜💚❤️

    1. Thanks Leslie! I will send your love and please send our love to Tyler (I mean Elder Rife).

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