Friday, April 24, 2015

April 19, 2015 - Surely, you're not serious

Not sure about that side of the world, but this has been one heck of a week on this side of the world. Seriously. "Surely, you're not serious."
"I am. And stop calling me Shirley."
I'm sure you're curious about what went down at the DMZ (Demiliatarization Zone), but outside of single handedly ending the communist ruling of Kim Jong-Un and opening the door for the gospel to be preached up North, it wasn't too eventful... Hah. Wouldn't that be something?
No, we didn't see Mister Kim but we did get to see North Korea, so that's cool.  
As for the rest of this week, I've got some really sad news, but some really good stuff too. Which would you like first? I suppose we'll just grab the corner and rip the bandaid off and go with the bad, eh?
Bad news: Kim Sue Ryen (this whole name thing is impossible) who is more golden than the medal around Michael Phelps neck, found out that her parents are sending her to China this Tuesday. And on top of that, they found out she was coming to church with us and made her delete our number and give the Book of Mormon back... Sigh. All this happened right after she met with us, said she was beginning to believe in God (which has been hard for her), and accepted a baptismal commitment.  
So, yeah. That bandaid hurt a little, huh? But like Quinn says, "That didn't hurt!" Heh. Yes it did Quinn, okay? Go get me some neosporin.
Speaking of Quinn (and a quick transition into the good news).. The boy's having a BIRTHDAY on Thursday! Word on the street has it he REALLY likes people singing to him in public and since I'm not there to so it, I'm passing the baton on to you ;) Hey Quinn, love you kid. Have a great one.
In other good news, we found two new investigators this week! One from Mongolia and another, you'll never guess, from China! We taught their first lessons (including how to pray) in this place where all the foreigners hang out. It almost feels like I'm walking into Mos Eisley... Maybe only BQ and C will get that one, so we'll just say it's full of very interesting people. :)
But they're great. The Mongolian especially has this huge desire to come closer to Christ, the only problem being that she is super busy. So, we'll see. This ain't Facebook, but obviously I'll keep you posted. :) We have been keeping very busy too and our other investigators are progressing well and keeping their commitments. The majority of them being Chinese, and having had absolutely no background with religion, are progressing slowly, but it's so cool watching and assisting in the growth of their faith in God and Jesus Christ. So cool, I tell ya.
And as if that wasn't enough good news for ya, check out that picture. Yep. That's John the Schmidt and his commrades. Otherwise referred to as "The Piano Guys". The celloist and producer both served here in Korea so they held a surprise concert/ fireside for the missionaries last night and it was so so cool. The best part wasn't even the music, but hearing them bear their testimonies. They just ooze with the spirit and with joy and it really is contagious. This gospel really does bring happiness. Everytime. I've found that for myself too, and when I find it I just want to dig into my Easter basket and find more.
And then hide in my room and eat it all by myself hiding the wrappers and leaving no trace of chocolate on my face... NOT. I want to share it with everyone. Which is why I couldn't be happier to be here.
Love you all and wish you the happiest week.
Sister McCloskey

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