Monday, April 27, 2015

April 26, 2015 - Part of that world

The four of us at the mission conference
I stared at the blank white box on the screen for a good two minutes watching the little bar appear and disappear trying to figure out what to write. Not because nothing happened this week, but cause I am forgetting all the english I once knew. It's 한국말 24/7 over here and we spend p-day with the other sisters (also Korean). SO fun, but I can't help but feel like Ariel sometimes when I try to speak english. What are those called again?
But we really are running and playing and staying all day in the sun here, so I'm pretty glad to be part of this world. Even when being with only Koreans means accidentally ordering cow blood soup. Just smile and swallow... That's what I always say.
And Sister Jeon and I actually do go running every morning and literally every time we turn the corner around this bridge we see this same girl, gripping her backpack, running to the subway. If she would just get up five minutes earlier... It gives us a good laugh though and always makes me think of Groundhog Day seeing the same thing day after day after day.
Thankfully, everyday here is completely different and full of funny little things and little miracles. We went on two exchanges this week with the sisters in our zone which was fun and exhausting at the same time. Remember Sister Seo? Of course you do. Couldn't forget her even if you wanted to! Well she's in my zone now and I got to go on exchange with her this week! It was so fun and we found so many random teaching opportunities. I remember going on exchanges with old STL's who were such examples to me and everytime seeing so many cool miracles and thinking, "man, I wish everyday was like that!". Everyday IS like that right now and it's so cool. The spirit is so strong here with Sister Jeon. 
As for our investigators, one word. MINA. The Mongolian. All she could talk about was the "undescribably happy feeling" she got after she met us and whenever she reads the Book of Mormon or prays. She even did everything she could to get work off next Sunday and is so excited to come to church. She really is an angel. 
Right now is test season, so many of our investigators were busy with that, but are still progressing well, which is great! The weather is finally warming up and we even got to have a mission tour with Elder Ringwood and I got to see Sister Wijetunge again which was great. :)
Well, that's a wrap. Kinda like those wraps they have at the MTC. Ohhh boy does that sound so good right now. I love you all and send the family my love (especially grandma)!
Sister Meck

P.S. My beauty of a companion. Yes, that makes me the beast in this companionship. I'll take it.
One more cool picture 
...And our view, in case you forgot what it looks like.

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