Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 - Holy Guacamole!

So, uh, I got called to be Sister Training Leader in Seoul with a Korean companion.
I can't imagine that news will catch you as off guard as it caught me cause I was literally facing the opposite direction when it came. Saturday night it came... and so did the tears. I wish I could describe it to you, but I can't. Having been here for seven months, leaving this place, these people, will be harder than it was leaving you. Now, don't get me wrong mama, you didn't endure those nine months only to be replaced by some Korean woman. Just that when I left you I knew I would see you again, er WILL see you again, but not with these people. Who knows! Well, duh, God knows.
You want to hear some even more exciting news? No? Alright, well I love you and wish you the best week! Muuuuah!
Sister McCloskey
PSYCH. Is that still a thing? And by thing I don't mean tv show. THE SRI LANKANS ARE GETTING BAPTIZED. Mark your calendars, people. May 2nd is a big day. We had the coolest meeting with them and the Elders this week and Sister Wi was on fire. Literally. "Like a fire is burning". Someday I will tell you their background, but the two of them, Uditha and Sisera, are ready to start anew and are excited/ accept everything we tell them. We couldn't be happier for them. This news came the same day as the transfer call so we were sitting front row on what they call the "emotional rollercoaster". It's like X2 at California Adventures, only I haven't screamed nearly as much... yet. I did always like the front row, though, so don't worry about me.
"Worry about Daniel he's gonna be dead soon!"
Anyone got that movie quote?.... Jen?
....And guess who came to ward conference on Sunday! You bet 홍정은 자매님 came. It was her first time. SO happy. I know what you're thinking. As if it couldn't get better! It's like reading Harry Potter... Only not at all. My name doesn't start with a J nor does it rhyme with bowling so we'll leave the fantasy in Hogwarts.
...Speaking of Hogwarts, you know that scene where they have the Christmas feast in the main hall? Picture that, only with Korean food, replace the forks with chopsticks, and take away all the people (and the chairs), and little Sister Wi and you'll get an idea of how much we have been fed these last few days. Where's an invisible cloak when you need one? 
Has the world figured out how to 3d print one of those yet? 
Anyway, church was great and we got to meet and have some awesome lessons with some members of english class and the people we have become friendly with in shops nearby. This little old man in a noodle shop even cried a little and gave me a big hug. Hah. I tried to avoid it, but just kinda froze up. Sorry President! We also got to meet with a few potential investigators this week and teach our old investigator 박영여 자매님 and her three kids and it was such a cool lesson. And we met with Seahorse last night and he prayed for the first time in 18 YEARS, thanking God for sending us to him.
I love missionary work. And God. And you. And Sister Wijetunge. Holy guacamole (woah haven't thought about that in a long time. It's like three dollars for one avocado here. Talk about global warming.) I am going to miss her.
Way more than guacamole.
Love you!
Sister McCloskey
P.S. Here's pday at the park and a little snack. Yummmm. :)

Chun Cheon
One of the feasts
Saying goodbye to ward members 
My favorite little girl 

The Sri Lankans

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