Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 15, 2015 - 3.1415926.. yep. that's all I got

Is gazbajillion a word?

It is now.

Cause this week we had a gazbiljillion miracles and met so many amazing people, I feel wholly (insert word that I spent a good two minutes racking my brain to remember, but a year in Korea is a long time and there are just some things that have been forgot... you got me though, right mom? we always did have telepathy)... as I try to think of where to start. 

"And now I, Sister McCloskey, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty in writing..."

Nephi does it again. 

Let's start with our yesterday. Yesterday we met with Sister Shim who ended up bringing her friend and we brought our member so it turned out to be a really cool lesson with five of us 20 something year olds. They are mostly english interest and we do the english program thing with them, but neither have any background in religion, so they are interested in learning about it. So cool! We then raced from that lesson to meet the Bangladesh family we met on the street a few weeks ago. They are the most beautiful couple with the most beautiful big eyed baby boy. They invited us to their humble apartment where we were able to share with us our purpose as missionaries and even give them two Bengali Book of Mormons! Though both are very strong in the Muslim faith, they were very gracious and receptive to our message. They even fed us real spicy curry and rice, much like that of Sister Wijetunge's native cuisine, that we were both thrilled to eat the traditional way.. With our fingers! I can't describe the love I feel for that family. Much like I will never truly be able to express my love for you!

We then ran (yes, literally) to our next appointment with Seahorse and Sister 최담빈 (the less active). It was the coolest. He said that the day before, his birthday, we randomly popped in his head and he got the "warmest feeling". So he texted us right then for us to meet. And as we talked he said he feels like he's ready to open his heart to something again and is willing to read the Book of Mormon! And, though once purely antagonist, texted us last night saying, "I am going to thank god for sending you to to me."  

I thank Him every night for sending me to these people. Truly, I feel so blessed.

We also met with Imma this week who asked US to text her every morning at 7:00 to remind her to read the Book of Mormon. And had a wonderful lesson with Sister Hong. We weren't able to meet with Uditha and Sisera (our Sri Lankans), but we keep in contact with them and they are reading the Book of Mormon and looking forward to coming to church!  

So this week was full of wonderful people to drunk men to street lessons to temple day to giving out 20 Book of Mormons! to random service opportunities to pi day. Okay, well we didn't really celebrate pi day (as this is Korea and that word is about as non existent as the word gazbajillion), but we remembered. And that's all that matters. 

I love you all from Korea to the U.S.A. and back again... times pi. :)

Have a great week!

Sister McCloskey
A picture I drew for Seahorse 

A sunset

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