Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 1, 2015 - LTM

I came across a scripture this morning that pretty much sums up what everyday is like serving here in 춘천 with Sister Wijetunge.
"This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." -Psalms 188:24
Thank you, psalm, for summing up my thoughts exactly. Everyday as we crawl into bed, entirely exhausted from the events of the day we can't help but say, "Today was a good day."
Everyday is a good day.
This week our days were filled with laughter, Sri Lankan food, Sri Lankan people (we found em!), investigators old and new, and a whole bunch of miracles. Let's start with the Sri Lankans! We have been bound and determined to find all the Sri Lankans in 춘천 and Heavenly Father knows it. We ran into Naveed, the nice Pakistani man I met on the street a while ago, who gave us the numbers of several Sri Lankan friends he knows and who we are planning to meet this week! Then one day, while in an unfamiliar area looking for the home of a potential investigator, we ran into (mind you, that is figurative... though I suppose it would make for a much better story if it wasn't) three Sri Lankans on the street with whom we also plan to meet this next week!
As for Sri Lankan food... She made me this thing called "parata" one day and spicy curry and we've eaten it nearly everyday since. SO yummy.
And now for our investigators! Sister W and I have gotten pretty good at this whole finding this as we currently have a board full of names. The hard thing is just getting them to keep their darn commitments. I feel like Princess Leah. No, not because I've started putting my hair in two buns on the sides of my heads... Yikes. Just, you know, "Anikan. You're breaking my heart."
BUT we did get to meet with Sister 홍 (our awesome single 40 year old investigator) and gave her a baptismal date! We talked about the gospel and about the priesthood and she agrees with everything we say. Oh, I love her so much. We also met with three potential investigators who know absolutely nothing about God or anything religious. Which is so fun! This country is about half Christian, half Buddhist, and half agnostic. Hah.
You do the math.
One of them was our lovely North Korean. It was so cool introducing her to God and sharing our stories of how we came to know He is there. And yesterday we met with Seahorse and one of our young less active members and it was the coolest lesson just focusing on God and faith.
In lieu of the basketball season coming to an end, I remember a powerful lesson I learned from three letters sharpeed onto my basketball shoes.
It could have once stood for "Long Tangly Mane", but I suppose I'll have to pass that title onto you, dad. Oh, wait.
They stand for Live The Moment. I often find myself living in the future, my head filled with hopes and dreams. But the time out here on the mission truly goes so fast and I'm learning and striving everyday to just be here now. "Do human beings ever realize life while they live it?"
I love you all and hope you rejoice in every day. And be glad in it. :)
Sister McCloskey
P.S. Sorry dad, I had too! it's been too long since the last time i cracked a bald joke)
P.P.S. She's never had someone give her a piggy back ride. So this moment had to be documented. :)

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