Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 22, 2015 - 3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEEEAAR!!

Here's a snapshot of what late night (and by late night we mean
9:45) talks with investigators look like with Sister Me. Haha. 

I would love to start this email off by wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, but then I remember that the majority of the recipients of this email currently reside on the western hemisphere and wore those three words out a month and a half ago. Well some of us, and by that I mean me, are in Asia and when in Asia do what the Asians do, right?
Hah. So there.
I guess it's a good opportunity to the renew the goals you set last month and start flossing everyday again, right? Right.
We did, in fact, celebrate the lunar new year this year, which for everyone but missionaries is a splendid thing! Holidays make it hard to meet with people, as they are all busy with family. But we had the opportunity, however, to spend some quality time in our apartment cleaning, cleaning, singing, cleaning, laughing, singing, cleaning, and cleaning some more. (Did you catch that mom? You bet I just called cleaning an "opportunity". Don't get too excited.) My companion and I have WAY too much fun together. Seriously. And we got to join our fellow missionaries for a combinged zone conference in Seoul, complete with "Meet The Mormons" and real frosting. Can't get much better than that, right? Right.
Wrong! It DID get better than that. Sister Wijetunge and I have seen so many miracles this week it's impossible not smile all the time. Just to name a few... We were door to door contacting one day, with little success, when we started talking to the nicest little buddhist lady on the street. A man pulled up, seemingly out of no where, on his bike and proceeded to tell us that he has read the Book of Mormon and that he knows it's true, all of it. He said he read it a few years ago and prayed about it and knows that it, and the church that cherishes it's doctrine, is true. As if that didn't catch us off caught, he even threw in some english words here and there like, "Moroni", "Joseph Smith", and "Salt Lake City" and "Oliver Cowdery". Yeah, okay. This church is true.
I would also be pleased to introduce you to a certain 한정연 저매님. I may have mentioned her as we met her on the street about a month ago and she is from North Korea. Here is a woman who has been here for one year, by herself, with two daughters still in North Korea. Here is a woman who has never really even thought about the prospect of there being a God or any sort of higher power. Here is a woman who I have talked to in person for maybe 15 minutes on the street, who has been travelling abroad in Jeju island, who we have kept in contact through calls and occasional texts sending our love and ecouragement, who called us upon her return and told us she didn't have time to meet us now, but just wanted to see our faces. Here is a woman who showed up with a huge smile on her face and three huge boxes of Jeju island chocolates and a huge box of Jeju Island mandarin oranges in her hands for two sister missionaries she barely knows. Here is a woman I barely know, just about as much as you do, yet I love like family, and can't wait to bring in her life the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
And the other day we were street contacting, and I just felt like we should turn around. So we did, not really knowing why, and didn't walk far till we found out. We ran into an older man who has come to our english class for a long time, since before I got to this area, and who I have talked to only a few times before. He, loving the missionaries, insisted on buying us hamburgers and we were able to sit down and really talk to him about his family, religious background, etc. The whole time we talked, all I could think was, "This man is so ready for the gospel". It ended in him agreeing to have the missionaries, us and the elders, over to dinner to teach him and his wife the lessons. I love how God works.
.. And they all lived happily ever after the end.
Holy cow was that a novel or what? I apologize. Do I?
No not really. :)
Love you all and wish you another very happy new year!
Sister McCloskey
P.S.Here's some beautiful Sri Lankan food prepared by the even more beautiful Sister Wijetunge. Am I lucky or what?

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