Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 25, 2015 -Mama oyata adarei

Wait. I thought she was serving in Korea. That's not Korean, is it?
No, my friend. No, it's not. You bet that means I love you in Singhala. :)
It's me again. Sister McCloskey. No, there's no w or u. Just think "claw". Like in Toy Story, you know, "you have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful." Still no? Sigh. I'm the one with the eyes. I've got a nose too. Right in between them. I'm pretty easy to spot. Just keep your eyes peeled for a tall blondie with a Sri Lankan doll linked on her arm.
But the best giveway may just be this black tag, bout the size of your MasterCard pinned to my coat. It's the best part of my outfit not because it sports my name, conveniently printed both English and Korean, but because it sports the name of the greatest man who ever lived. Pretty cool, huh?
Lately I have included a few extra requests in my prayers. Firstly, to not let this less active ladies' guppies die that we have been entrusted with (never have a group of fish been more prayed for than those, I assure you). Secondly, to help my sweet companion with learning the language. It is very hard for her as she knows little English and all the language learning stuff goes from English to Korean. But she's so awesome and somehow always, and I mean always, has a beautiful smile beaming from her face.
The last request is one made in question form. And the question is, why am I here?
Deep. I know.
But lately I've been swimming in deep waters and I just can't quite understand why Rose dropped the diamond in here when she totally could have saved some starving children in Somalia with it. Some questions just have to go unanswered, I suppose. I have wondered why I was chosen to been entrusted with the training of my companion and how I can help her to feel the same love I have for this work, despite the hard times. I can't say I'm complaining that I am training her. In fact I feel totally lucky and wouldn't trade this time for the world. But I can say that I feel totally unqualified. We also had several appointments this week with some Bible scholars where I just kept thinking "If only I was Korean and I was well versed in the Bible," and "Korea is a really hard place to serve." We met with several ladies who bombarded us with questions I struggled to scramble up some korean eggs with and serve on a plate. Sadly, the majority of them were just going through the drive through and sped off when they realized this joint did not have what they were looking for and the service was too slow. As I watched them go, my arm still extended, the eggs still warm, there were times it was hard to hold back tears.
But thanks to my companion's big heart and pillow of a scarf to lie my head on, Mother Theresa and her wise words propped next to the picture of my family, and the big man in the sky, I have found the answers to my prayers. We are teaching the most incredible people and had some of the coolest lessons this week with Nicole (China), Imma (Burundi), 홍정은 (I bet you can guess) as well as two new investigators. We also met with one of our less actives, who was in uncontrollable tears the first time I met her, but has since relit the fire and is now glowing again with the light of the gospel. That and the fact that I found out Imma's full name is "Immaculate" this week make for one happy Sister McCloskey.
I wish you all the best and yes, mama oyata adarei. :) 
Sister McCloskey
P.S. One year later with some MTC buds and a pretty darn cool wall. Yay missionary work!

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