Monday, February 9, 2015

February 8, 2015 - pneumanultramicroscopicsiliconvolcaniosis

I think I learned that word in third grade simply because it was the longest word and I thought it was cool and I wanted to take the challenge to memorize it cause I'm kinda competitive and maybe in the back of my mind I hoped it might come in handy someday.
Well, it hasn't.
But the good news is that so many things I learned when I was young HAVE come in handy. No, Dad, hucking lugi's has yet to prove useful... but I am still young.
I was thinking more on the lines of all the lessons I have learned from all the incredible teachers I have had. From elementary to high school, piano to Sunday School, college to the MTC, I have taken serving after serving from the five star educational buffet, if you might call it that. I have crossed paths with some of the best teachers I think this world has to offer and somehow I got lucky enough to sit in the belly of one of them for nine months! Can't say I remember much from those nine months, but I sure remember a good lot from the eighteen years after.
I've been thinking a lot about you lately, mama, as I have been trying to improve myself as a teacher. Who knew how much I would need to look to you as an example and be given so many opportunities to teach! You'll be happy to hear I have come a long way from teaching the neighbor kids how to make snowflakes in mine and Michelle's makeshift preschool. :)
This week we had some really great lessons with Imma who finally started reading the Book of Mormon (thanks to a  cool little chart thing we made that she can use to track her progress). And we also met with our lovely 홍정은 자매님 for what was one of the coolest lessons. It started with a question I had with Korean in the morning and the thought to ask her for clarification. She happily answered my question then asked if we could meet that night. Turns out it was a really hard day and she just wanted to go drink, but would rather meet us if we had time. Oh, we will make time. :) I wish I could go back and play the whole thing over, like an episode of our favorite District series or 24, but we never did end up buying tivo growing up, so that's not an option. Mostly I just want to hear her prayer again. We had been praying a lot to try and figure out her needs and she finally opened up to us about so many things. And then she said the most honest, sincere prayer after having given up on prayer for many years. After the "Amen" she looked up at us with tear filled eyes and a big smile on her face. Oh, missionary work is the coolest thing.
We also met with the nicest old lady in the most beautiful home out in the country along with the nicest group of people from Bangladesh and a cool University study. Did I mention that missionary work is the coolest thing? 
I never knew how much teaching I would have to do, but I am so grateful for you, mom, and all that you taught me and helped me to become. And I'm so grateful for the scriptures where I can learn from the example of the greatest teacher who ever lived! My companion is teaching me so much too and is such a blast to be around. Oh, she is too good. Just before email she was telling me about how much she loves babies and wishes she could have a "Baby Bouquet" at her wedding. Is that not the best idea, or what? :)
As always, I love you a lot. Thanks for everything you have taught me and all your amazing examples. I'm so lucky!
All my love,
Sister McCloskey

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