Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 15, 2015 -This week has been grayt!

I got a letter this week that went a little something like this:

title: halloween
Dear Rachel I had a very VERY grayt halloween.
this halloween has been grayt.
I hope you have had a grayt halloween to
Love Mia.

Nothing better right? In echo to this, here's a pretty good look at my last week.

title: my week
Dear Family I had a very VERY grayt week.
this week has been grayt.
I hope you have had a grayt week to
Love Sister McCloskey

The five year old says it best. It would be nice to just leave it at that, but you haven't seen my mama on her bad side, so I'd best elaborate. Hah. Funny thought that, my mom having a bad side and all. The only "bad side" I can think of my mom having is one similar to that of Emperor Kusco when he says, "look at me on my bad self. uh huh. uhuh uhuh uhuh." If you don't know what I'm talking about just hang out with my mom and crank up Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away" and you'll know. Right mama?

ANYWAY. Wow. Tangents. I thought I was done with those back in high school geometry, but I guess not. As for why this week has been so "grayt":

We went door to door one day at one of the forest of tall building apartment complexes and upon entering were trying to decide whether to go from bottom to top or top to bottom. You know, one of those decisions that could ultimately affect your personal salvation. We decided to change it up and go from bottom to top this time which we quickly learned was the right decision and probably Heavenly Father showing his tender mercy on us. The second door we knocked on quickly yelled "I have no interest! Go somewhere else!" Well, we kept talking through the door, and were caught off guard when the door swung open and the lady ushered us in. She fed us tea and commenced in telling us the sad story of her husband passing away two years earlier and trying to raise her two teenage boys. It was hard for her to get out of bed in the mornings, let alone try to support her sons. But one day her son said, "You know Dad is watching you. Don't you think it would make him sad to see you like this?" and she told us that is when she knew there was something after this. We were able to share with her about the restoration and plan of salvation and her heart was soften. It was such a special experience for all three of us. Coincedence? I think not. :)

We also got to have a trainer/ trainee meeting in Seoul and stayed the night in President's house. It was like being in Ireland again at one of those beautiful Bed and Breakfasts. Only we had yogurt and buttered toast instead of haggus. Hah. The meeting was wonderful and all I could think of was how lucky I am to be training and training the absolute BEST trainee. Guys, I love her so much. We have seen so many miracles already and are excited to start this new transfer together. We got to talking about all our amazing investigators and new potential investogators and just had to stop and give a big thank you to Heavenly Father. We are so blessed here and are teaching some of the most amazing people.

Right now those amazing people include, but are not limited to: Nicole (who we had an awesome lesson with and are trying to convince not to go back to China for the big holiday), Imma, Jeong Un Hong, and Gyeong mi park. We picked up a few new investigators this week too and some referrals too! And remember SeaHorse, from a while back? He's back on the map! He sort of dropped off the Earth for a while (only not literally, just went to the Philippines), but we've started meeting him again. Woo!

I also got to go on exchanges with my old companion, Sister Seegmiller, before she goes home next week. Can you believe that? Crazy.

... And apparently I woke my companion up with the usual, "Goodmorning Sunshine!" only it was three in the morning and she realized I was not, in fact, awake as I proceeded to teach her one of the lessons in Korean. Hah. Such a missionary.

I love you all and hope you have a "grayt" week. :)

Sister Mcwhatsky?

P.S. Here's a Korean kid for ya. Pretty sure it took me a lot longer than four years into my mortal journey to master the peace sign! And here's one of my favorite families in the ward.

P.P.S. My sweet angel of a cousin wanted it to be known that SHE was the one who taught me pneumonultramicroscopicsciliconvolcaniosis and I would like the credit. So, yeah. That's that then. Happy Jen? ;)


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