Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014 -Thiggity thiggity Thanksgiving

I don't know if you heard, but there's this thing coming up called Thanksgiving on that side of the world, so I thought I'd put in my two cents.
I'm so very grateful for...
My dad. For teaching me that it's okay to laugh at yourself when you do dumb things and a companion that's willing to laugh with me. Like when I spill kimchi all over the floor or get my toothpaste spit all over her while getting too animated telling bedtime stories. I've been in Korea for some eight months now, but you'll be happy to know that yes, my hair is still blonde.
My mom. For instilling in me a great love of learning, reading and just genuine curiosity. As well as a love of the outdoors, serving people and getting my hands dirty! This week we had the opportunity to help shovel rows for planting up in the surrounding Korean hills. It was all too perfect and I caught myself, or rather, my companion caught me simply letting out little laughs here and there. Simply because I was too happy not to. 
My companion. with whom I get to spend a third transfer with and couldn't be more excited. We began our missions together in the MTC, and have had many an adventure as companions since. Together we have celebrated 추석 (one of the two biggest Korean holidays), both of our birthdays, both of our half-way marks, Halloween, and now Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have already witness so many miracles together and can't wait for another transfer full. Plus she's a crazy good cook, lets me borrow her clothes and is just so darn happy all the time. Seriously, guys. You will love her.
"Jesus The Christ". Well duh, I'm grateful for Him! But I'm actually referring to the book by my good friend James Talmage. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to read and finish that book this week and for the impact it has had on my testimony of Jesus Christ as not only the Son of God, but the Savior of the World-- the Saviour of my world.
The people I have met in this beautiful country. Yeah, yeah you're probably getting sick of hearing this by now but... that's too bad. Yesterday I was trying to make small talk with this little old lady on the street, asking her if she had made kimchi yet this season. She simply looked up, way up, smiled a toothless smile, smacked me on the cheek a few times, then wandered off. It was one of those, "You're cute. Thanks for trying to speak my language" moments that definitely left me smiling. I have had the opportunity to meet and teach and talk to so many incredible people out here. The investigators we teach and less actives we meet are all so amazing and I feel so blessed to be the vessel, as weak as I am, to bring them closer to Christ.
The Korean language. I never thought I'd say it, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to learn this beautiful language. As hard, frustrating and utterly incomprehensible it seems at times, it's amazing to see how far I have come-- knowing that I owe it all to my Heavenly Father.
The opportunity I have been given to bear Jesus Christ's name on my chest and preach his gospel to the people of Korea. Need I say more?
My stinkin family. The more stories I tell about all of you, the more I can't help but feel like I got the draw when coming down to earth. All of you. Mom, Dad, Brandon, Quinn, Jessie, Ander, The McCloskeys, The Hoffmans, The Pinos, The Morses, Grandma, Poppop, Nana, Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Abbey, Uncle Ryan, Tori and Brett, Briana and Garrett... Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, you too Chase. ;) You all have been such an example to me all twenty years of my life and have blessed me in ways that you will never know. I know that your prayers are being answered on my behalf and I hope you know that you are always in mine. It will be strange not spending the holidays with all of you this year, but know I'll be thinking of you.
... And for Mr. Bean. For teaching me how to cook a Turkey for what promises to be one heck of a Korean Thanksgiving. :)

My two cents turned into a good ten dollars. Whoops! I love you all and wish you the happiest Thanksgiving. 

My companion's teeeny feet.

A service project in the mountains.

My district

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