Monday, November 17, 2014

November 15, 2014 - Put a coat on, won't you?

Koreans. They kill me!
Figuratively, of course, else you ought to be wondering who the typer behind this email is.
Don't worry, it's me. I'm still alive. Korean's wouldn't hurt a fly. They might eat them though...
But really, I am surrounded by what I think are some of the most humble, giving, genuinely kind people this world has to offer and I consider myself the luckiest. Pretty sure if you take a look at a dictionary under the word "altruism" there will be some sort of shpeel about Korea. I can't count how many times in a day I get told, with all sincerity, how good my Korean is. Even if all I say to them is hello. Really. And mom, remember how you were always hounding me for not wearing a coat? No matter how many times I heard you say, "Rach put a coat on! It's winter!" I was still too stubborn to listen. You're probably worrying about the fact that now I have no mother to nag on me about my tendency to not wear coats, but you'll be happy to hear that just about every Korean woman, old and young, including my companion, has filled your spot in ensuring that my body temperature stays at a reasonable level. As soon as I walk out the door, I've got a Korean mother or grandmother on every corner looking out for me.
So yes, mama, I'm wearing a coat. :)
A coat. Do you know what that means? Winter. You might say it arrived a little early here in Chun Cheon, but it has been welcomed with open arms and cherry noses. And Heavenly Father must have been in the mood for some french toast on Thursday, sending a little powdered sugar from the sky. It happened whilst I was happily walking alongside a woman telling her about the message of the restored gospel. My companion, who was trailing a little behind, must have noticed at the exact moment because as soon as I glimpsed the little white flakes I turned to her and we exchanged looks of both wonder and awe, mixed with that little bit of childlike enthusiasm for all things associated with Christmas. Thankfully Heavenly Father has a steady hand and did not, as tends to happen to the rest of us, tap the container too hard leaving white mound on his already syrup drowned french toast. Just a sweet taste of what is to come.
Although I love the cold and this winter season, my heart reaches out to all those missionaries who spend their whole missions in this kind of weather. Brrrrrr. It certainly makes the work a bit harder freezing our little batooties off on the street. But I have already seen so many times, God's hand in this work and I know, through simple acts of kindness, that God is looking out for us.
And as if this week couldn't have been sweeter! We now have a new investigator, Nicole, from China who is an angel. She already has so much faith and such an open heart! We taught/ ate an amazing dinner, with Emma who is also nothing short of angelic. She has had some unpleasant experiences with church so it's hard to get her to commit, but we can see the change in her heart every time we meet her. Imma, too, is doing just wonderfully. We had several more really awesome lessons this week too, with some Jehovah's Witnesses, Jessie, a potential investigator, a group of Muslims straight from Pakistan, and our less actives. We have seen so so much success and so many miracles this week!
Also this week has also been kimchi making season, in which we got to participate in with some women from our ward. So fun! I'm definitely writing that on my bucket list then crossing it off my bucket list when I get home. Then teaching all of you in what promises to be one of the best FHE's you've ever had.
I didn't say best smelling, mind you.
I love you all. More than snow and kimchi and spicy food combined. And I know, that despite all that is going on in the world and the millions of people that are in it, that God loves you and knows you personally and knows your situation. And not only that, but He wants to help you and will help you. All you have to do is ASK.
Love you all.
And put a coat on, for goodness sake. It's freezing outside.
Sister McCloskey 
P.S. Don't worry. Fall hasn't completely disappeared yet. Here's proof!

And there's this coolest 50 cent batting cage that I may or may not
have begged my companion to go to last pday. SO fun, skirt and all. :)

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