Friday, October 31, 2014

October 26, 2014 - Oh, so it's a GIRL house.

I feel like I wrote you guys like five minutes ago.
But it was a long five minutes. So don't worry. I've got plenty to tell you.
This week we met yet again with our beloved Seahorse! I know what you're thinking, "underwater lesson??" I know. I had that same conception. Yes, that would make for a much more exciting story, though it might complicate speaking Korean..  But sadly, no, we did not in fact have an underwater lesson. Things of that sort are frowned upon by the man I currently call President.
Christensen, that is. Obama has no say whether I swim or not.
Our lesson, carbon dioxide and all, was wonderful. We taught alongside the Elder's Chinese recent convert and she shared powerful insights and her recently obtained testimony. He even happily accepted our marked up Book of Mormon and committed to read it. He really is so willing to listen and open his heart. So so cool. We also began teaching a lady from our English class with whom I share a love of English literature and maroon. And she even shares her English name with one of my favorite people. Yep, that would be you, Jessie. We met with her and taught her about the Book of Mormon. She's really intrigued by it and is willing to find out for herself if it's true. So excited for her.
We had a few downers this week with our investigator, Emma, and her daughter who got in a bit of a car accident. We were able to visit them at the hospital though and her whole family was there asking about what we do as missionaries and why. So it turned out to be a really good experience and she is healing quickly. Another "downer" (in every sense of the word), was a phone call that came during companion study. One of Sister Seo's former investigators answered in absolute desperation. Through her sobs we learned that she was in such a low place that she was ready to end her life. We were able to have a long conversation over the phone, sharing things we learned in personal study and helping her to feel God's love for her. And the coolest part was when we all knelt, the phone on speaker, and my companion offered up the most sincere, pleading prayer on her behalf. The spirit was so strong and when we hung up the phone we both looked at each other and smiled. We knew that everything would be okay.
And, because Heavenly Father is the best, everything is okay. She is doing so much better, just days later, and it has opened up more opportunities for gospel conversation and a renewed desire to find hope. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers, you guys.
This gospel is the coolest.
So, everything is well, here in this beautiful city. Not to mention that today is a really good hair day (I know you can relate, Dad). But the leaves are all changing colors and there are leaves about three sizes bigger than my head littering the ground. It's all I can do not to just dump out my suitcases and fill them with these leaves. They're the coolest! No, wait. The gospel is the coolest.
We also ate some street food from this apparently very famous little place and KBS (the most popular radio broadcasting company in Korea), got really excited when they saw a foreigner and even more excited when they found out I could speak Korean. So the sultry sound of my voice, mingled with my broken Korean, has now hit the chilling Korean air.
Our ward had a bit of a Halloween party on Saturday too, which was a blast. Halloween isn't really a thing here, so naturally the missionaries were alone in the donning of costumes. My companion and I crafted up some pretty cool pumpkin costumes (complete with two nametags for eyes). I really really really really love halloween. And what's the scariest part of Halloween?
NO REESE'S. Right, Chase? You're lucky I'm not there to steal all your candy this year. So you'd best enjoy it.
I love you all and wish you the most terrifyingly wonderful Hallow's Eve this week. Go eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, watch a scary movie (but not by yourself like some weirdos *cough QUINN), be a superhero without superpowers for a day, carve your dad's face into a pumpkin, and jump in a pile of leaves, okay?
맥 자메 (Sister Mac-- A name that has become familiar to me as people fail to accept the challenge of saying my full name)

FYI -*The title of this blog is a quote from the movie Monster House, one of our familiy's favorite Halloween movies.
P.S. Here's me sporting one of my favorite leaves and a blurry picture from our halloween party. Hah.

And a large leaf selfie.

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