Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 12, 2014 - The Cup's Half Full

You know when someone gives you one of those compliments that both catches you off guard and makes you question everything you thought you knew?
I got one of those the other day.
We were sitting on the train talking to a lady on our way in to Seoul (for general conference!). She was the nicest fifty-something year old lady who had tried getting married when she was younger, but it never worked out. Sad. But she told me something I've never heard in my life. She stopped, mid conversation, and said, "You look like Jesus". It caught me off guard causing me to chuckle. I said, "It's the hair, isn't it?". She smiled and said, "No. It's your eyes."
Stop the train, people, this is serious! I've thought about this a bit the last few days and hope that I can be the kind of person who's love of the Savior is reflected in my life... Or in my eyes.
But even better than being complimentized was her willingness to meet with us again and hear our message! We also had another street lesson with a lady we saw sitting on the side of the road who started out pretty mercilessly bashing the Book in our hands to, after hearing our testimonies, asking for a Book of Mormon and setting up for us a return appointment. Wow is the Spirit real or what.
Nope. There's no "or what". It's real. And it feels to me something like what I imagine "heart burn" to feel like, though somewhat less detrimental to ones health.
I also feel priviledged at this time to introduce a good friend of mine, and a newly discovered seeker of truth, 서혜정. She asked me to give her an english name which, after much deep consideration, is Emma. Trust me, it fits. She is a thirty year old single mother with these beautiful sad eyes and a desire to turn her life around. We began teaching her and her daughter this week and it was wonderful. She is wonderful!
We have also had many an adventure whilst knocking doors this week sharing this beautiful message. We were talking to one lady, who, previous to our knock on the door, had been vacuuming, and in an attempt to get us to stop talking and go away said, "People are trying to sleep!"....
Pretty sure I'm only louder than a vacuum when I sing Beyonce or Etta James.
Also, a nice little old harmony (old lady) greeted us at the door only she seemed to have forgotten that she did not have a thread of clothing covering the top half of her little body.
You never really know what you sign up for when you send in those papers to the prophet, do ya?
Speaking of the prophet, isn't he the coolest? This week we had the opportunity to watch conference. It consisted of hearing the latest words of inspiration Heavenly Father's got for His kiddos, being spiritually and physically edified (thanks, again, to the Spirit... and Costco muffins), and maybe drawing a picture here and there. Can't get much better than that.
Also, they forgot to mention it in conference, but we got our transfer calls this week and 서주은  and I are staying together for another here in this beautiful city. I couldn't be more excited to spend another one with her. That, and the fact that it is October and I love October and fall and sunsets and the brisk air, make for one happy Sister McCloskey.
Oh yeah, and guess what. My HALF WAY mark is on Wednesday. What the heck. Does anyone know where the last nine months went? 
That, along with my camera, seem to have disappeared somewhat suddenly.
But, anywho, love you all and wish you safety and peace wherever you may be in the world (*cough PRAGUE *cough)
Hah. Just kidding, Sister McCloskey
P.S. Hey dad, don't worry. My camera is right next to the keyboard. Hah. Gotcha.:)
P.P.S. Here's a few little conference doodles.
P.P.P.S. This church is so true, you guys. All of it. And I think it all spurred from me really just wanting it to be true. I wanted so badly for everything to be true, but for the longest time I thought that to really know I needed the spirit to hit me like a wall leaving a lightning bolt shaped scar on my forehead or something. But I know it's true. And I know that God knows that I know it's true. And I want you to know that I know it's true. But more than that, I want you to know for yourself that it's true. And I promise you, echoeing the words of our apostles from conference, that if you seek, you will find.

At an art museum last p-day

My cute companion in our beautiful area

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