Monday, October 6, 2014

October 5, 2014 -김치!

Seriously. If you're having a hard day, just take a look at my nephew's little face and all your troubles will melt away. Truly, that boy belongs in Baby Gap.
Scratch that. That boy belongs in my arms. If you ever need a babysitter, Jessie, just send him on over for the day. The postal system here is pretty timely and reliable. I think.
(I can almost hear your voice in my head, Jessie, echoeing the words of Kiera Knightly. "I am disinclined to aquiesce to your request.... Means no.")
Fine. I guess I can wait.
In all honesty, I'm not having a hard day. He just made a good day better! In fact, I have quite a good lot of good news to report from this side of the world.
   Firstly, my nine year old investigator from my last area got baptized on Sunday! She was so excited and her whole family (all non members) attended the beautiful ceremony.
   Also, when I arrived here in this new little ward of mine, there was no Relief Society, but as of Sunday, we know have a full functioning, though rather small, Relief Society. Woo!
   c. We met with three potential investigators this week. A mom and her four kids, two ladies from our english class, and a lady we met on the street. And they all have such potential. Potential potential potential. I think I use that word too much, but alas, that is all I can use for now.
   4. I ate Costco pizza this week. Yes, you may call me Sister McClostco.
   Fifthly, we had a ward hike and barbecue this week (yes, we had to explain to the people of Korea what that is) and both were a raging success. We were able to invite many potential investigators and have many a gospel conversation. It was wonderful.
   Oh! And papa guess what. This weekend we had a baptism for the Elders' Chinese investigators! They are the cutest couple. And I'm convinced that one day they will be mission presidents in China (who said that).
So the work is catching speed here, and were (obviously) pretty excited about it. This is not to say that this week did not have its downs, with a lot of rejection and slammed doors. But if 24601 can endure a life in prison, I can take a door slammed in my face. "So it was with the best people who ever lived", right? Thankfully, I have an awesome companion who keeps me laughing. We get along like butter and toast. Or rather, like kimchi and rice.
Kimchi and everything really, this is Korea.
I wish you all the best with all your educational, social, mental, financial, substantial, circumstantial endeavors 
Love you
Baptism for the Elders' Chinese investigators

My area

Another selfie

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