Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3, 2014 - Summer in Seoul

95 degree weather + 80 percent humidity + rain = summer in Seoul
95 degree weather + 80 percent humidity + misty rain + watermelon= bearable summer in Seoul
So yes, the hot hit and it hit hard. But thanks to our blessed air conditioner, I think we'll probably survive the next month. Probably.

There are several pros and cons to this hot/rainy season, the first being the fruit. I'm starting to appreciate watermelon and ice cream as a major food group. Th price of fruit goes way down so we really do eat watermelon every night and it's the best thing. And (I probably shouldn't write this, but I'm going to anyway) in the morning it's so funny because all of us sisters give our number of how many times we went to the 화장실 (I don't think that needs to be translated..) during the night and the other day 송혜민's number was six. Hah. It was a big watermelon, okay?
Clothes dry crazy fast too! Con... they get damp again just as fast. Hah. Another pro: warm rain. All. Day.

The biggest con of the start of this new month has been that it is officially summer vacation. So every single appointment, investigator, and less-active we visit postponed. But we've had a lot of less-actives that have needed to be found and PI's to call and the Lord knew it and has been guiding our wandering feet. This week we were going through some ancient PI sheets and switchting off calling old potential investigators and we managed to get three return appointments and one who came to church! So great. And today we are meeting with Beatrice, the French girl I met a few weeks ago, who has been on a tour. And we've found so many less-active homes and we're happy to have two join us at church on Sunday! So we are witnessing many a miracle here despite the hot weather and disappointments. 

In other news, a family from the English branch took us to dinner this week on base at this cool American restaurant that reminded me of that ship hotel place near Lake Mead. But the best part was not the delicious food, nor the warmth of a mama hug, but it was their testimonies. It was exactly what we needed to here. He, Brother Day, had served in Germany and had baptised one family on his mission and from that family so many miracle have come. I have been here in Korea for nearly seven months now and I told him that I'm still searching for that family. But he bore to me such a powerful testimony. And then Sister Day told of how her family had been inactive, but in high school a pair of missionaries came and reactivated them all and it has changed her life forever. She said, "Those missionaries were called to that mission for my family".

It was such a tender mercy from Heavenly Father, He, knowing that I needed to hear that. I really am learning to rely more on the Spirit with the work and, despite the disappointments, I am seeing miracles everyday. I really do love this work. Probably too much. More than rain and watermelon even. Which, if you've stayed tuned for the entirety of this letter, means I really must love this work. 
My companion keeps me laughing everyday and we are enjoying every moment together. We had a funny experience this week in our little house when the carbon monoxide detector was flashing blue and beeping and sported the numbers "97" on the front. Naturally, our first thought was that we were done for so we took to the windows and opened everything up and called our mission president. He laughed, leaving disconcerting looks on all our faces, and told us to flip it upside down. We joined with him in laughter when we realized that the letters "Lb" stand for low battery. Apparently we were the fifth house that had called him. Oh our poor mission president. I'm sure he had no idea what he was getting himself into. :)

I love you all. Really, I do. And wish you the best.
Meckurasuky Sister 
My cute companion
Pday with the distict in Gwanghwamun.

New missionary dress code!

The sisters at a member meal. ( I love them)

Us celebrating Baskin Robbins day together for lunch (July 31st)

The Day family (I fit in, huh?)

A beautiful sunset
A random statue on top of a building
making for one intense, totally random picture.
A green subway selfie

This coolest city I live in.

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