Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014 -I've always loved roller coasters

I've always loved roller coasters. Just ask my family. And I've come to recognize, these past few weeks, that missionary work is much like a roller coaster. One of those really really big scary ones that there's always a huge line for. And it goes like this:
You wait in line, watching missionary after missionary leave. You hear all about it as they get off and tell you all about it, but you still have no idea what you are getting yourself in for.
The line gets shorter. Waiting time is but a few weeks now and you have watched all your friends take off. Excitement gets mingled with anxiety and the nerves start to kick in.
But still the excitement wins out.
It's your turn.
You sit down, next to a complete stranger, and exchange nervous smiles. You make sure you have everything and that your shoes are strapped on tight. And you make one last wave to your encouraging family and friends standing behind the gate.
Then you take off and your first thought is, "What have I gotten myself into."
But you hang on and let it take you. You hit the peaks and your heart feels as though it will burst with excitement at the promise of more to come, then your heart sinks in your stomach and you feel like you are going to throw up. You go through a tunnel and feel completely lost, but you come out again and the light nearly blinds you.
But even though there are scary moments and moments when it's hard to hold on, it's a blast.
And absolute blast and the camera that just took a picture of your huge grin is proof.
Welcome to missionary work, my friends. From day one in the MTC, to now, over seventh months in, I have been strapped into this roller coaster. I've gone up and down and even around a few loopedy loops. But it's a blast and I know that Heavenly Father is in control and I have put my trust in him.
This week we saw SO many miracles. Too many to write. Tuesday morning on the subway, headed for the temple, I talked to a 35 year old girl who sat in front of me. She was incredible. Everyday I pray to find Heavenly Father's prepared children and she is that and beyond. I told her, very briefly, of the restoration and she asked ME for the Book of Mormon and asked ME if we could meet again on Thursday at 7:00. It was so awesome. We also got three new investigators this week and two referrals from our members. We taught the cutest nine year old, 지호 (Gee-ho) who is a member's daughter's friend. We taught her at her house with her mom there and it was the coolest lesson. Her mom does not have much interest (yet) but she is interested in learning and wants her daughter to learn more. She's so so great and they are so fun to teach. We also met with a lady who has absolutely no religious background (as in she doesn't know who Jesus Christ is), but has the biggest desire to learn and wants to come to church with us. She's so awesome! Also, we've been calling numbers from old call sheets, just following the Spirit on who we should pick and we have picked up several people who want to meet again and still have interest. We've also been praying for opportunities to serve. And boy has it been answered. We helped a lady carry some boxes home and she ended up inviting us over and accepting a Book of Mormon. And sharing our umbrellas with people, opening up for long gospel discussions.
Really, this week has been one big miracle. We're so excited for these new people we are teaching and the potential investigators to come this week. We really are having a blast.
And to top this week off, I got to go to the temple and an art museum last week for P-day, saw an old Meridian school goer (whose name escapes me at the moment, but who's face you would recognize), went on exchanges with Sister Sieverts (my housemate and a friend whom I have grown so close to these last two transfers), have been reading and loving "Jesus The Christ", got to play in (and maybe sing too) the rain, and eat blueberry pecan wheat pancakes with peanut butter and syrup at a meal with a member last night. Wow. Life is so good.
I have so much to be grateful for and my amazing family is way up there. You're all great. Yup.
All my love and more,
Sister McCloskey
P.S. Oh.. And I grew wings too. I didn't really think it was a big deal though, but I guess I'll tell you. Or whatever.
And how cool is Korea in the rain? Can't get enough of it.

My cute companion and I at the temple. Woo!

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