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July 28, 2014- NVRSADI

I have a lot to write, but today's one of those days I'd rather just look at pictures of my cute family and muse about what's for dinner tonight. Korea's great. I'm alive and healthy. It appears this is all for today folks. I love you and wish you the best!
Sister McCloskey
Who am I, an Elder? That's definitely an Elder email if I ever saw one. Don't worry mama. There's more.
Whether you've been wondering about her or not, I feel compelled to introduce my new companion 강한나 자매님 (translation: Sister Kang Han Na or "Hannah Kang"). She's hilarious. I was definitely excited to get a Korean companion and it most definitely has not been a disappointment! One thing about Korean people is this thing they call "skinship". When they are close with someone, they are close with them. We may or may not have fallen asleep the last few nights holding hands (cue the "Awww's). But we have realized, in these short few days of our companionship, how incredibly different we are. And we're not just talking the fact that my hair is blonde and hers black, nor the fact that she eats rice, kimchi, and seaweed for breakfast while I munch on my cereal and soy milk (although those are undeniable differences). She's loud. Kinda like you, Bri. And too funny, too. And by golly her Korean is good. :)
As for this week.. In the words of Steve Carrell (or rather, Dan) when confronted with Real Life, "Life.... Is full of disappointment." 
And though that was taken from the script of some writer probably living somewhere in Hollywood currently munching on a muffin.. those words still hold true. I can attest! This week was full of disappointment. With appointments falling through, investigators with a lot of potential dropping, and feelings of inadequacy with the language... This week was like a rollercoaster. Kinda like one of those roller coasters that lifts you up and then suddenly drops you. Yes, like that. Only minus the occasional vomit. Thankfully, that has been avoided.
Missionary work is hard. That about sums up my week. Ever since I was young, I have been a bit of an independent spirit in that I am stubborn in thinking I can do things on my own (don't believe me? ask the man I call father. Only that I never actually call him that. More of a Papa, Dad, or occasionally "Rick" when I'm really mad ;) ). I have always been one to attempt to get all the groceries in the house in one load. And we're talking a Costco sized load people. None of this sissy Macey's stuff. And when people offered help I would insist on doing it myself even if deep inside I felt like my muscles were ripping at the seams. And as a missionary, I often times find myself trying to rely on my own strength (which I have learned is not a lot) to do this work. It has been a humbling experience learning to let God take the last two cartons of milk when my hands are full, whether I think I can take them or not. I am learning everyday to rely on the Spirit to know where to go and what to say and it's an amazing experience. I know that Heavenly Father is watching out for me when, in my moments of deep frustration or disappointment, exhaustion or doubt, he sends someone my way who hands me a thing of bananas for no reason or I meet an old member on the street. Or when I sit around the table talking about the Pre Earth life with my housemates through a messy mouthful of watermelon. Despite the hard times, I know that there is nothing better for me to be doing than the work I am doing now and I never could have comprehended the experience I would have as a missionary. Nor would I trade it for anything!
Now that's more of a Sister missionary email, isn't it?
Hah. Love you all. You're in my prayers, always.
The real Sister McCloskey

My new companion Sister Kang Han Na

And here's one of the night before Sister Seegmiller left on
our Yo's. Too much fun.

One thing about Koreans? They love taking selfies. Here's our
companionship phone sporting our smiling faces! Love you!

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