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July 20, 2014 - So, What's It Like in Russia?

Alright, so I don't react like that, but I get asked almost daily if I am Russian. Probably cause I don't have black hair and Russia's the closest place besides China and Japan hmmm... I have met quite a few Russians though in the foreigner area called Itaewon. Whenever I go there a familiar phrase from that one movie that starts with a T and rhymes with , "Something's familiar about these strangers like me..." Ah sweet nostalgia.
And this is not to say that I am comparing Koreans to the monkeys. They're much smarter and have much better skin. And they're hair is perfect.
But enough of that! We're not here to talk about Russians or monkeys, now are we? If you're looking for that take your eyes up a little and to the right and there should be a little white bar that says "Search" behind which all the Russian monkeys you ever wanted to see lie.
We are here to talk missionary work! Last Monday, our district got together outside an art center in dowtown Seoul and I got to finally use those pastels Uncle Ryan so generously gifted to me before I left. And I used them to draw an artistic interpretation of the Plan of Salvation! They don't really do chalk art here (that I've seen) so a lot of people were really curious. It was such a cool experience and it opened up for so many deep conversations and new contacts! I even made it to the Terrestrial Kindgom before the metal cuffs around my wrists made it difficult to draw... Only kidding! But we did get asked to leave and may or may not have pretended like we could not understand Korean... Hah.
We did street boarding again on Thursday too at the same busy college area and my companion and I alone were able to talk to 59 people, give away 18 Book or Mormons, get 4 phone numbers and 3 return appointments! It was so cool and we felt that unbridled excitement usually reserved for Justin Beiber concerts. Or, in Quinn's case, the end of the last song at a Justin Beiber concert.
You're probably thinking now that all my time is spent finding people to teach. And admittedly, yes, a large majority of it is. But we do, in fact, have investigators who are so close! Sandy (her English name) wants to come to her answer for herself and needs time. But she was able to attend the baptism of the other Sister's investigator Alice (the coolest girl ever) and she enjoyed it. Then there is 김순애 (kim soon eh) who is lovely and is scheduled to be baptized on the 10th of next month! She loves everything we teach and accepts everything so well. We still have a lot to teach her though. As for Thomas and Leanne, they are the coolest and love what we teach and want answers, but they just opened their own school so they don't have a lot of time.. Bah! And then there is Shinee (her English name. Why didn't you name me that, mama?) and 이근혜 (ee gun heh). They are both volunteer tour guides at the palace and they're super cool. They have hardly any religious background, but lots of curiousity and lots of love.
Like I mentioned, we had a baptism yesterday and this area has many more planned for the coming month. The work is picking up! We also have been to blessed to have found so many less-actives and have reactivated many. The other day we knocked on a door and the man opened the door in his garments. What. Are the odds. We also visit this less active grandmother and her mother and they are the sweetest. They kept calling us Miss Korea. I don't know but... Shouldn't Miss Korea be Korean?
Just a thought.
I love visiting them though, not because they give me a boost of self-confidence, but rather the mother reminds me so much of my sweet grandma.
And I suppose now is a good time to mention that transfer calls were on Saturday and I will be getting a KOREAN COMPANION. I'm pumped. This is not to say that I haven't loved my time with Sister Seegmiller. Our mutual love of good food, basketball, funny stories, running, and back scratches has bonded us together and made for a very, very fast six weeks. I am excited, though to be living with two Koreans. Woo!
So needless to say I am loving it out here. I love missionary work. I LOVE this gospel. And it's because of this gospel that I'm happier than happy. I've got a smile bigger than Dad's when he came out of the water after "pile-driving" into the sand. :)
Give my best to everyone at the funeral and send my love. You're all my very favorite people and I pray for you daily. Muuuah!
The Russian..?

Chalk art

Temple day with my roomates

My district. I love my district.

And matching skirts. Thanks to 송혜민 and her
 ridiculous amount of clothes. I'm not complaining.

A really trippy picture. Featuring our neighbohood "Paris Baguette".

Handstands with Sister Seegmiller

A cute Asian baby

My area


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