Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 6, 2014 - Hey America, happy birthday.

As many of you American dwellers may have noticed, this past week that big homeland of our celebrated it's independence! I feel inclined to voice a big "Congratulations!" even though I am some thousand miles away. But you may be pleased to hear that I did, in fact, have a celebration to remember. Complete with fireworks.
You heard right.
Only my favorite thing next to thunder and men with facial hair. (who said that?)
Thanks to the Seoul mission having the COOLEST Mission President out there, my companion and I got to stay a little later on the American army base with Wen, the Chinese recent convert, to watch the fireworks. We even topped off the amazing display of explosions in the sky with hot dogs and ice cream! Boo yah.
What does not need to be celebrated, however, is the fact that it is already July. What the. I am but a short way into this big adventure and yet the vicissitudes of life are passing me by much too quickly! I can happily say, however, that I am enjoying every moment. Every rain-filled, giggle enducing, food consuming, mind boggling moment of missionary work. I love it.
I think it might also be good to explain a bit of the logistics, you know, the useful, boring stuff that only parents want to read. Feel free to stop here and skip onto the next paragraph is you are less than intrigued by facts. My area, Sindang, used to consist of three different wards that got combined into one. So my area is gigantic and my ward is pretty big too. Sadly, because of the combining, many members were lost and stopped attending because the new ward was so far. So a lot of our time is spent much like that of Sherlock and Watson in search for clues and navigating our maps in search for people. We are getting quite good, I must say, at navigating these crazy streets of Seoul. Pretty sure it's another blessing Heavenly Father gives missionaries because I am quite sure some of the homes we find would never be found otherwise. As for our investigators, we've got Sandy (her English name) who is SO ready for baptism, but doesn't want to commit because she doesn't know if she can endure to the end. But she's coming along. And she's wonderful! We are teaching two other women, separately, who are mostly english interest, but they are growing in the gospel. We are also working with several less active members and have watched many become reactivated. Which is so awesome! But we are always looking for new people to teach and we talk to everyone everywhere we go! Yeah. And Korean is really hard.
So that's pretty much my life as of now! That and we found a Mexican restaurant the other day, probably one of one in Korea, and ate smothered burritos. Oh, and Sister Seegmiller is wonderful and goes running to the river with me every morning and is totally going to be in the Church General something someday (you can quote me on that). And there are supposed to be torrential rains this week which should probably make me nervous, but instead leaves my heart leaping with anticipation. Oh and PJ Rogers and the BYU Hawaii basketball team gave us a fireside last night which was pretty cool. Oh, and have I mentioned how hard Korean is? Well, it's really hard.
So the work moves on here in Seoul and it's wonderful. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the wonderful opportunity I have been given to be a part of this great work. I really am so grateful for the knowledge I have that I can be with my family forever and love sharing that message of hope with everyone. You are all in pictures on my wall and in my prayers to Heavenly Father. Let Poppop know I pray for him everyday and Grandma, too.
I love you all (more than fireworks and bearded men. That's saying something)
Sister McCloskey
P.S. Burritos, cool hanging umbrellas, and fireworks!

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