Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 - Happy Memorial Day!

Once upon this one time...

we met a girl. A girl named Jin. J.I.N. My companion and I ran into her (figuratively speaking--this would be a whole different tale if it had been an encounter of such forceful physical nature) on the street a few weeks ago and her beanie, shaved head, quirky comments, and British accent (regardless of the fact that she is true blue through and through Korean) were enough to leave us walking away saying to ourselves, "Oh my gosh. I would totally be her friend."

Well, it was destiny. 

She approached the Elders this week on the street and asked them, simply, "What are you doing?". They elaborated on this thing we like to call missionary work, and told her about us. Well, we met this week in a cafe and couldn't be more thrilled to be meeting her. We clicked right away, the three of us, as she is a lover of many things including art, good music, and clothes. She is not yet 24 years of age, but has lived quite the life up to this point. We also found out that her accent was acquired from her British boyfriend whom she met in the hostile she was working at who later proposed to her from prison in Malaysia. Talk about a cool back story. As she divulged to her the events of her past, and regarded many feelings of guilt and regret, we had the opportunity to open a conversation about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When she was told that all of her guilt could be washed away completely through the Atonement she replied with two words:

"Holy crap."

I'd say that's a pretty appropriate response, right? Sadly, however, her extremely self-reliant, independent head is telling her that she can just do everything on her own. She has already expressed so much love toward us and we are so excited to help her see God's love for her through us. We love her!

We also met with 유미향 this week and had a really great lesson about the Book of Mormon. We have to teach her very simply because she has literally no background with religion--as in she has never even thought about the prospect of God. But it is really fun to teach her and she asks the best questions. She loves reading the BOM and as we talk about it, she says things like, "That's so cool!". When we retold the story of Joseph Smith, she mentioned how he must have been very smart. When we told her that he had no education, she rightfully asked, "Well then how did he translate the BOM?". In response to our telling her that it was only through God's power that it could be done she, without any doubt or second thought as to whether that was possible, said, "That is just so awesome." So she is progressing, slowly, but we love teaching her and watching her testimony grow!

In other news... My companion and I get along better than tomato juice and cottage cheese. That's something only you will understand, Dad, since I'm pretty sure you're the only person who would think to combine those things and have the audacity to eat it. I suppose I'll just stick with peanut butter and jelly on this one. We really do though. This week we found the darn cutest little kitten, went running/ ab ripperxed in the mornings, saw our favorite Russian man (who's likeness to that of Gru in "Despicable Me" is nothing short of uncanny), sipped bubble tea in a cute cafe like the locals, basked in the humid weather, went door to door contacting and found ourselves on the 25th floor overlooking the city, and we contacted more contacts this week than we ever have before (who!).

And this weekend we have our combined mission conference with Seoul South and Elder Cook is coming to speak! Which promises to be fantastic. 

I'm so happy here, truly. I hope to hear the same from all of you back home as summer is fast approaching! I love hearing from you and all your adventures. And Quinn, congratulations on being an extra in a Bollywood movie! That's so cool. I didn't know you could move your hips like that. Oh wait, was that Jessie? ;)

I love you all. Or, as the Koreans say it, 사랑해요!

Love love love,
맥클라스키 자매

Just the kitty and some pretty Korea. Just for you.

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