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June 8, 2014 - Geez Korea, Stop Being So Awesome!

Camel ride!
I think I can speak vicariously for all missionaries when I say that starting emails home is harder than picking out what you will wear that day... For sisters that is. I'd rather pick the purple tie than start an email any day. 

But I suppose I will start this one of with some news I unexpectedly received on Friday night! This news, as those who have served before me well know, is most anticipated among missionaries and comes via telephone call. Yes, you guessed it. T R A N S F E R  C A L L S. Sister McGill and I were nothing less than completely convinced that we were staying together so not only were we shocked that the call came on Friday (rather than Saturday) but our eyes also got a little wider when we found out that we are not, in fact, to be companions any longer. Sister McGill is to stay in 글음 and train again whilst I flutter off to 신당 (Sindang-- sheen dahng) to be companioned with a Sister by the name of Segmiller! My new area is in the heart of downtown Seoul and word of the street has it that my companion is equally as friendly as the members of my new ward! I am excited for this new adventure.

Thankfully Sister McGill and I had a wonderful last week together. We got to go to the temple again last week (did I mention that we get to go once every transfer?) and that was wonderful. And we had some neat experiences going door to door. One old lady let us in and fed us tea and apples and listened intently to what we had to say, but insisted that though we were doing very good work, it just wasn't for her. "I'm too old" she kept saying. And we talked to another man who kept insisting that we don't need another book of scripture. But after we told him about the Book of Mormon and about the need for restored truths after a long period of apostasy, all he could say was, "I've been a Presbyterian my whole life. Go talk to someone without religion." It's frustrating because we really want people to open their hearts to hear our message. Every time I testify, though, my testimony grows and it's an amazing thing to experience. I really do know that this is true and the more I learn the more I want to share it with everyone! 

As for our investigators, I am really sad to have to say goodbye. We had an awesome lesson last week with 유미향 about the Book of Mormon and she really does believe it is true. But things with her dad and the many questions she has about religion are still holding her back. Minnie, the one with the Mississippi accent, didn't show up to church as promised which was heartbreaking... But we had another really great lesson with Maria. I really do love them all and with miss them. As for Jin, we did not get to see her last week as she was taking many tests, but we are planning a good lesson before I go! 

Sister McGill and I also had many an adventure on our runs this week, from finding the Elderly in the park doing zumba to American rap music, to swinging on swingsets, to taking p90x to the roof of a 23 story building. All too much fun. 

And last, but certainly not least, our district got to go to the wedding of one of the investigators in our ward who is getting baptized next month! We sang a song to the happy couple after she walked down the aisle. It was such a special experience and the wedding was incredible. Koreans sure do know how to do weddings, from the decorations to the buffet. Holy buffet. Dad. You would've died. 

And speaking of food, on Sunday our amazing ward held a 식사 for us after church. So after giving my final words at the pulpit and giving lots of hugs to the members we feasted on traditional bibimbop, watermelon, soy milk and leftover wedding cake. I truly will miss the amazing members of this ward.

I think... I got everything! I love you all. Especially my mom. Because she's amazing and she turns FIFTY this week. And yet she's still as young and beautiful as ever, both inside and out. 

I love you mama.

Oh, and the rest of you too.


Sister McCloskey
The rain

My lovely companion and I sporting our new summer skirts. Boo ya!

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