Monday, May 19, 2014

May 11, 2014 - "You Ate What?"

Just got off the phone with you guys and it was so great to hear my favorite people again. I really can't emphasize how much I LOVE MY FAMILY. They're so cool. 


So obviously that was the highlight of my week. But it is certainly not the most exciting thing that happened. 

This week! This week there were a lot of holidays, particularly Buddha's birthday, so a lot of our appointments fell through. But it also meant there were a lot of people on the streets to talk to! We celebrated "parent's day" by buying our investigator (who's son we teach english) one of the flower baskets they were selling on the streets and writing her a note saying how much we appreciated her treating us like daughters. She really is so wonderful. We also taught her the restoration this past week and it was such an amazing lesson. We didn't realize until right after, when her son turned on the TV how strong the spirit was during the lesson. She doesn't often have a lot of time to listen, but that lesson she listened intently and did not want us to leave. She just sat thinking for a while and then gave us a huge grin.

I also went on an exchange this week to another zone nearby with a Korean sister, Sister Yoon, and it was so so fun. They're apartment had an AMAZING view. We also were running late getting home on time and had to make a run for it in the pouring rain. I couldn't help but laugh the whole way. 

Speaking of running, my companion and I decided, on one of our morning runs, to run to the top of the hill we live on and find an open apartment complex. And we ran to the 25th floor ("did she say 25 floors? there's no way"). I know what you're thinking. No way. But when you are motivated by the promise of an amazing view of Seoul, trust me. There's a way. It was so pretty. Seriously. So pretty.

And we need to work off all the rice! Koreans and their RICE. They are always eating RICE. And if they are not eating RICE, they are eating something made out of RICE. And if they're not eating something made out of RICE, they are eating something shaped like RICE. And if it's not shaped like RICE, it rhymes with RICE... okay so I have yet to eat lice or mice, but you get the idea. So. Much. Rice. 

But I also got to eat the spiciest thing I've had yet this week, bringing me nearly to tears. Along with a green gooey log shaped thing, which I couldn't help but imagine was a lot like eating a slug. And I had cow stomach that literally looked like a grey hand towel. And kinda tasted like one too! Oh Asia. I love it here.

In other news, I gave a talk yesterday! I was informed by my zone leaders of the privilege I would have to speak. Mind you, I have been in Korea for less than two weeks and by golly this language is so hard. It reminds me of those blessed days spent in the car with my dad learning to drive a stick shift. When someone says something to me I have to get my head in gear as fast as I can to think of a reply. And sometimes I stall in the middle of an intersection cause I just can't think fast enough. But dad, you'll be happy to hear that I have yet to be brought to tears picking up this new skill. :)

And just like with the stick shift. There is no way I could do this on my own, without my Father's hand teaching me along the way and lifting me up when I am frustrated. I remember when I was little and the thought of speaking at church was nothing short of mortifying. And how ten years ago there is no way I could have done what I am doing now. But as I was thinking about what's changed between now and then, I realized it is because now I am aware of God's hand in my life. I rely completely on him and he gives me the courage. I did not have that knowledge when I was little and I am so grateful to have it now. Especially as a missionary when I could not do anything without Him.

I'm so grateful for my amazing family. And this wonderful country. And for spicy food. And a companion with a sense of humor. I'm grateful for rain. And nice people on the street who hand me a handful of chocolates just because I said hi to them. 

And I'm so grateful for the relationship I am building with my Heavenly Father and the knowledge I have of His restored gospel. 

Until we meet again, Buzz Lightyear.

Sister McCloskey 


Not a hand towel!

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