Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4, 2014 - "Here She Goes Again"

For my shortness of script, I do render my due abject apologies for I fear that my words leave ineffectual and insufficient the intent for which they are writ.

No, really. I am losing my ability to speak/write in English. And this is just the beginning! So bear with me. This is gonna be a long ride. 

First off. Happy Star Wars day everyone! Here in Korea, we celebrated it yesterday. No, I did not fight off any storm troopers, nor did I wear my hair in two buns on the sides of my head to church (although if I had thought of that earlier, I just might have). And no, I did not successfully cause a man-made planet to internally combust. Not this time. In fact, the extent to which we celebrated was last night as we laid down to sleep and I whispered to my companion, "Quick, what's your favorite quote from Star Wars." And we shared a few giggles. 

In other exciting news, I had my first experience with a Jehovah's Witness! Ten years ago I never would have pictured myself sitting outside a cafe, sipping tea, listening to a lady pour out all her knowledge about the Bible (in Korean, mind you) whilst my companion and I exchanged funny glances. It was an experience to remember. We prepared to teach her the restoration and show how the Bible and BOM are used together, but she would not let us do much talking. So I finally said to her, in broken Korean. "We know that this Book is the word of God (the BOM) and that it has the fulness of the gospel and that is why we wanted to serve missions. You cannot know whether it is true or not if you have never read it." I offered her the book after bearing as pure a testimony as I could, but she still wouldn't take it. It was definitely an experience to remember, though, and hopefully she took what we said to heart!

As for our REAL :) investigators, we are currently teaching three amazing women. All three we found on the street and all three wanted to meet with us primarily out of English interest. But aswe have shared with them the gospel, they are all really starting to open their hearts to our message. We had an amazing lesson about faith with 유문희 (a 40 year old mother) and she opened up to us and basically outlined all her needs. She loves meeting with us (and never lets us leave without some kind of food) and says she feels good whenever we talk with her. We are just working on helping her to recognize that that is the Spirit and helping her to really have a desire to act on what we are saying. And then we are teaching this 29 year old, who has no self-confidence, but has been reading and enjoying the Book of Mormon and loves to meet with us. Her dad is completely anti religion though so she has to hide the book when she goes home, which is so sad. But they are so wonderful.

I really cannot emphasize enough how WONDERFUL the Korean people are. As you may have heard, I got to meet Sanha (one of our past exchange students) and his parents this week! Mom and Dad, you would LOVE them. Seriously. It was such a special experience. They took my companion out to eat at this amazing Korean meat place, got us our favorite tea, and insisted on buying us a week's worth of bread and pastries from the "Paris Baguette". She even made my companion and I bracelets and bookmarks. Mom, you would love her. I did my best with the Korean and expressed how very grateful I was to them and they wanted you to know how very grateful they are to you for all you did for Sanha. They really are such a wonderful, humble family and I hope that one day they, too, will come to accept this gospel. 

Really, everyday out here my testimony grows and the more it grows, the more I want to share it with everyone! Crazy how that works huh? I really love this place and these people. Now that it is nice and warm here, my companion and I rise every morning at 6 am and go running. I love it. Seoul is one big jungle gym where we get to go up and down and explore every little nook and cranny. 

Yowza. Sorry this is so long! I am obviously having the time of my life out here and I love this work that I get to be a part of. I can't wait to hear your voices next week either! Bah! 

ALL my love and more, 
Sister McCloskey

P.S. Wish my childhood best Michelle a happy birthday on Thursday! I think that day will forever be ingrained in my head. I love you Meesh.


  1. I love reading these posts. You obviously love the Korean people already - but I'm pretty sure you'd have loved it no matter where you were sent! Everything sounds so interesting and colorful. I love your artwork, too. Post more sketches!

    Laura Leseberg

  2. Laura,

    I'm new at blogging, so I just figured out how to answer the comments, and even just to look for them. I'll pass along your encouragement to Rachel. I, too, hope that she gets a chance to send more sketches.