Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 28, 2014 - 행복한 크리스마스

A Christmas selfie

So uh.. Not much to say this week since I... uh.. like yeah kinda already like told it to you OVER THE PHONE. Ah what a glorious Christmas present that was. So many laughs. So many tangents. I think we talked about fridges for a good five minutes. You know, only the important stuff.

And I'm glad to hear you got the voicemail. Just a little Christmas present for you all. :)

So yes, Christmas came and past. We celebrated the man of the hours birth very simply, but beautifully. He truly is the gift of Christmas that Heavenly Father sent for all of us. And this is such a wonderful time of year to celebrate Him!

I don't know about the rest of the world, but Santa came to Korea quite early this year-- our stockings had been filled for weeks! We unwrapped our few presents in the morning, ate Chinese take-out with a ward member for lunch (like I said, I've secretly always wanted to have Chinese take out on Christmas so I was nothing less than thrilled at the prospect), a phone call with the fam, and a whole lot of contacting person after person, door after door. The end of the day I even tucked my companion in and read, voices and all,  the children's book "The Light of Christmas" which happens to be written by Richard Evans, one of my dad's old mission companions. How quaint. :) It was a simple day, nothing too remarkulous, but one I can assure you will not easily be forgot. As we lay in bed, our bodies completely drained of all energy, Sister Seo said, "오늘은  재일 행복한 크리스마스였어요" or "Today was the happiest Christmas I've ever had".

Simple, nothing like the celebration thrown for Bilbo Baggins' 111th birthday, but wonderful. The rest of the week has been quite simple as well. No new homes or refridgerators, no trips to India, no skydiving (still can't believe you went without me AGAIN Quinn. Thought we were buds), and no rushing to put up Christmas lights the day before Christmas. We have continued to teach our investigators, but it's hard to get them to keep committments. We had a really great lesson with Nicole though and it was completely guided by the Spirit. We finally discerned her needs and really connected with her, helping her to understand the need for a restoration.

We also had a miracle when we were meeting with a less active and she told us one of her old students was interested in the Book of Mormon and what it was all about and asked if she could invite him over right then. Um.. Is that a rhetorical question? It turned out to be an awesome member present lesson and a potential investigator! He is a 22 year old design major with all but a flip of red hair on the very top of his head. Boo yah.

These fingers have ran their weekly marathon and they're reading for some gatorade and a massage... So this a wrap up. I hope that through that phone call and through my letters you can feel my love for you all. I will never be able to express properly through the keys on this little Korean keyboard in this little computer lab, how very grateful I am for you and for the knowledge this gospel brings me that we will be together forever! Sometimes, like when I got to listen to the sultry sound of those all too familiar voices, it all just hits me all at once.

Like a Costco stomach bullet.


P.S. Some pretty lights. Not quite Christmas lights, but you get the idea.

Sister Meck

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