Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 19, 2015 - rainbows love unicorns and more unicorns.

I need someone to ship me off to an island in the middle of nowhere so I can get a new supersuit and fight a big metal ball so it can stretch out my hands and legs and crack my back. My back! But don't worry. It's just "mind over back pain", right Dad? Right. 

Aside from my back hurting and being totally wiped out, we're great! :) 

I don't have a lot of time, so this'll be a flash. We have seen so many little miracles this week with new investigators (Chinese and Malaysian!) one of which showed up to church on Sunday, member present lessons (total miracle- people here in Seoul are SO busy), three investigators accepting the baptismal commitment, referrals, and so many opportunities to teach. We are literally jumping from subway to bus to subway talking to everyone lucky enough to be taking public transportation that day! It's an absolute blast.

I received two pretty meaningful gifts this week too. Elizabeth, our 60 something investigator who loves to sew and has showed us how, gave me two handmade Korean dolls. Mom, you're gonna die. SO thoughtful of her. And then one of my former investigators, who didn't even know of my great fondness for sunflowers, gifted me a sunflower fan. Can you feel the love? 

Oh, I can feel it.

I also got told twice this week that I look like Kiera Knightly.

It's the corset isn't it?

... okay I'm not THAT scandalous. I have always wanted to wear one of those though. 

Talk about TMI.


I got to go on exchanges with Sister Collinwood this week exactly 18 months after we met that fateful day in the MTC! So fun huh? We had a pretty miraculous day too. One investigator said "I've felt many times as you were talking that this really is true". Hey guess what, you're right! We also taught the whole restoration lesson to a lady in the park and got two return appointments. Woo! I love Sister Collinwood. And I love bearing my testimony and teaching the gospel in Korean. Good news is I've got two more weeks to do it. Boo yah.

Sorry this letter is pretty lame. But then again so is the one Quinn sent. Oh wait. He didn't.


Love you love you love you xoxoxoxox muuuuah love love hugs kisses hugs xoxoxxoxo more kugs more kisses love rainbows unicorns....

Have the best week, kids. 

Sister McCloskey

P.S. Half my pictures are of sunsets so, uh, sorry. But this is our view and we're going to that tower today! Woo!

... And here's a funny picture of our zone leaders. They're great. :)

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