Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014 - Happy Easter to you all!

Happy Easter to you all!

I had a wonderful Easter complete with hard boiled eggs given out during church! I love Koreans. But it really was a wonderful day and I loved spending time remembering the resurrection of Christ. Every year I appreciate the wonder of that incredible event more and more as my understanding of it grows. And my testimony of, and love for the Savior has grown so much in these past three months. (I hit my one month in Korea mark this week. Can you believe it?). I really am so grateful to be here, learning this incredibly hard language, trying to open people's hearts to God. Everyday I am reminded of my inadequacies and I am so grateful for experiences like this that force me to humble myself and put my trust in God. I know that there is no way I could do what I am doing without Him and will be forever grateful for that. 

I don't know if many of you have heard, but a ship full of Korean high school students sank just outside Incheon. We don't hear much about news as missionaries, but this is everywhere. Something like 70 have been confirmed as dead and many others cannot be found. It is incredibly sad. It has opened up some incredible lessons for us though this past week with our investigators. We taught two amazing lessons about the purpose of life and the Plan of Salvation this week. It's sad that something like this has to happen in order for some people to turn to the Lord, but I hope that it will open the door for many people to hear our message of hope. Keep them in your prayers, would ya?

As for the rest of the week! Monday was "black day" here in Korea which is basically their "single's awareness day". To celebrate, all the single people eat this noodle dish called 자짱면. So, naturally, we sister missionaries reserved every right to participate in the celebration. So yummy! We also had a day where we all happened to wear black and white stripes (which is the new pink here in Korea). So on the way to our service, we made an effort to walk behind anyone wearing a black and white striped article of clothing. As if we don't get enough weird looks already! :)

This week at our service thing (teaching English at a day care) the kids were especially cute. They taught us Korean songs and handshakes and drowned us in laughs and hugs! Then on the way out they yell "Bah-eee" to us all the way down the street. Gosh, if I come home with any souveniers from this place, it may or may not be a little Korean. It doesn't say anything about that in the white handbook does it? ;)

I also rode the most packed subway I have ever ridden in my life this week. Picture the most jam packed subway you can imagine. No one can see the floor nor move their arms and everyone is touching at least four other people. Now add twenty more people to that. Seriously when I was sure there was no way of getting even one more person on, ten would squeeze in. It's amazing, really. 

Also, several times this week (four, to be precise) as my companion and I were walking down the street we would simply bow and say "안녕하세요!" ("Hi!") only to receive the immediate response of "예뻐요!" (Which means "Your beautiful!"). And they say it over and over as we walk away, smiling of course. Why don't Americans do that, huh? Really. I'm going to bring it back to America with me and anytime anyone says hi to me I will immediately compliment them on their beautiful faces. Yep. 

I hope all is good and well back in that beautiful mountainous place I once called home! I love love love love love love you all to bits and pieces. Reese's pieces. Yum.

The really tall blonde one with the confused look on her face. Yeah, that one.

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